For many, the death of a loved one is a traumatic experience that can take several months or even years to get over. The immediate sense of shock, denial, and anger can be followed by bargaining, depression and then acceptance and growth as the grief slowly subsides.

Some may have had a warning that they may not be around for too long; they might have made prior arrangements as to what they would wish for after their demise. However, many do not have the opportunity. In either case it is important to those left behind to arrange a proper send off by speaking to a funeral director such as

Experts in dealing with funerals and helping with grief will help to take the stress out of such a horrific time. There are several questions that you should ask a funeral director before you enlist their services so that there is one less thing to worry about.

  • Asking what is included in the cost is vital along with what services are provided. You do not want any further unwelcome surprises arriving when the bill arrives.
  • Where will the deceased be kept until the funeral? You want your loved one to be in a professional, caring, and respectful surroundings. It is important to find out if the deceased will be collected from their place of death until their funeral. Is it possible to visit them while they are lying in rest?
  • Perhaps you might want to visit a funeral director while in good health so that a service can be arranged and even paid for so that the unexpected can be prepared for.
  • Can your service be personalised so that a special route can be arranged between the funeral home and the service. Who will arrange the hymns and music and can you select your own pallbearers. Can charitable donations be arranged and taken care of to hand another task to the professionals. Are there a range of coffins and caskets available to choose from?
  • Will there be one point of contact that you can liaise with if you have any issues or queries so that there is clear communication and no confusion. Will there be a meeting in your own home to discuss all details and can the director deal with the associated paperwork.
  • Is it possible for you to choose your own time and day for the service so that as many people as possible can attend and is it possible for it to be streamed live so that those unable to make it can still watch the funeral and be there in spirit.
  • Can you choose between the interment and cremation and to select a crematorium if that’s what you decide upon? What will happen to your loved one’s ashes?

The death of a loved one is a terrible ordeal for many, but by talking to experts you can make the process a great deal less stressful and easier to handle, even offering solace as you know they have been given the best possible send off.

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