‍Comments are a powerful tool on YouTube. They allow viewers to share their thoughts on the videos that they’re watching, and they can help to shape the content that’s available on the platform. But comments can also be a source of frustration. If you’re new to YouTube comments, or if you’re not using them to their full potential, you may not be getting the most out of them. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to use YouTube comments effectively and what you need to know to get the most out of them. We’ll also provide some examples of effective comments that you can use in your videos.

Understand The Purpose Of YouTube Comments

YouTube comments can be an incredibly useful tool for spreading the word about your videos and connecting with your viewers. However, they’re not always used that way. If you look closely, you’ll notice that many YouTubers are very shy on the comment level. They either don’t know how to respond to comments, or they’re too shy to interact with their viewers on a deeper level. So, why should you care about using comments well? First, they’re a great way to engage your audience on YouTube. You can use comments to remind your viewers why they’re watching your videos in the first place and to inspire them to keep on going.

Use Comments To Engage & Inspire Your Viewers

Comments are perfect for engaging your viewers on a deeper level than just the text of a video. You can use them to pose questions for your viewers, encourage them, and give them context. This kind of deeper engagement is what makes YouTube comments so important. For example, you can pose questions for your viewers or encourage them with comments like “You can do it!” or “Way to go!” These kinds of comments can help to foster a sense of community between you and your viewers. Some vloggers buy YouTube comments to have more engagement. You can also extend deeper engagement by commenting with more detail. “In this video, I showed you how to make a delicious brownie recipe. However, if you followed along, there were two mistakes that I made. I hope you were able to notice them. Here are a few helpful tips for making a better brownie now that you know what to look for.

Respond To Comments Promptly & Accurately

Many newer YouTube channels don’t respond to their comments at all. However, this is a huge mistake! You need to be quick on your toes with comments. It’s not enough to respond to a comment when it comes in; you need to respond consistently. If a viewer posts a comment, then another one a few minutes later, you need to respond to both of them. Keep up the response if a new comment is posted. If you’re watching someone else’s video and they get a comment, try to respond as quickly as you can. If you don’t notice a comment in the video, you can always click on the little comment icon that’s next to the timestamp so that you can respond.

Keep Comments Civil & On Point

Comments on YouTube need to be civil, even if you’re responding to them. This means that you should avoid making generalizations or attacking your viewers. You also need to avoid making sweeping claims or presenting your comments as facts. It’s not allowed, and YouTube will remove your comments if you do this. Instead, you need to focus on the viewer. What do their comments mean to them? What are they interested in? What are they hoping to learn? Some of these questions are personal and may be too personal to share in a comment, but you can use them as the basis of your video responses. You can also use your video comments to share extra information, such as helpful links. If a viewer posts a question, you can use your video comments to help to answer their question. You can also use comments to extend the conversation with your viewers. You can also use comments to extend the conversation with your viewers. You can also buy real youtube views for your social media growth. If you target YT, you can purchase 500 YouTube views as a first step.

Keep Your Comments Appropriate For The Audience

Comments are an important aspect of YouTube communication. However, they need to be appropriate for the audience that you’re communicating with. Different audiences have different expectations for comments on YouTube. For example, some viewers expect a higher level of sophistication in their comments, whereas others don’t mind a little less class. While it may seem like a good idea to use very casual language in your comments, you need to keep in mind that most viewers want to see a certain level of professionalism in their communication on YouTube. If you’re posting a video that will be aimed at a certain audience, you can take that into account when you’re deciding how appropriate your comments should be. If you’re posting a video that will be aimed at a younger audience, you can tone down your comments a little bit.

Use Humor & Wit Judiciously

Comments on YouTube can be a great opportunity to add a bit of comedy or wit to your videos. However, you need to be very careful in how you approach this. You don’t want to go too far with your humor and wit in your comments. You need to keep your comments appropriate and on point, and you also need to remember that you’re interacting with your viewers. It can be a good idea to add a disclaimer to your comments when you’re using humor. For example, you can say something like “This video is meant to be funny and to keep you entertained. However, it’s important to remember that everything that happens in this video is real. These are real events.” This way, you can give your viewers a heads up that you’re not being completely serious.


YouTube comments are a powerful tool that you need to use effectively. They can help to engage your audience and inspire them to keep on going with your videos. However, they need to be used properly to be effective. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your comments and ensure that they’re used as a powerful tool for engaging your audience.

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