A Bachelorette party is an event given to a woman about to get married, and women only attend them. The party is meant to be fun, memorable, and a step that ushers the unwedded woman to her dream marriage.

There are many locations and different ways to throw a bachelorette party in Austin; however, it could be clearer and easier to design the best event and ensure that your squad leaves with a memorable, fun memory.

Austin is well known for holding the best locations, sites, and friendly budgets that allow individuals to hold a fun event. How do you throw the most memorable Austin bachelorette party? The below guide will help you with party ideas for a fun event in Austin.

1. Book A Party Cruise

The first of the many ways to throw a memorable bachelorette party is by booking a party cruise for your team. Depending on the number of attendees of the party event, you can book a cruise large enough to host your team.

Additionally, Austin offers premier party cruises that can host up to 100 guests. Most of the cruise offers sidebars to serve fresh fruit mimosa, wine, champagne, and beer, a professional photographer.

They have huge boat floats to swim and the best professional captains that will allow your team to have a memorable Austin bachelorette party. Booking a party cruise will allow your team to have a private, fun place for only your team squad.

2. Discuss Fun Perks

While ensuring the party event is memorable, you and your team can discuss fun perks to warm up and heighten the party’s spirits. The fun perks can include requesting the squad bring old card tables for painting and repainting.

Additionally, you can play along with the decks of cards and chips. Also, if you want more fun, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to play to be competitive with the other teammates. Other fun perks include playing casino games such as blackjack and baccarat.

Also, you and your team can play bridge games of painting one nail with the favorite colors of the bride, truth and dare games, or bet games. How well do you know games and drinks are perfect fun perks to do during the Austin bachelorette party?

3. Plan A Bar Hopping Day

A memorable Austin bachelorette party is not complete without the bar hopping activity, at least for most that happen within the Austin region. Austin is known to have countless bars lined up within various streets, making it ideal for taking the bride and her squad to bar hopping.

More so, most of the bars are fully crowded during the weekends with live music and atmosphere; thus, bar hopping is the perfect way to throw a bachelorette party in Austin. It’s fun and lively and allows your team to taste various bars, fun drinks, and food within the different bars.

4. Do Walking Tours With The Austin Tours

Another way to throw a memorable bachelorette party is by paying for a walking tour with the Austin tour guide. During this tour, your squad will walk down the various Austin shopping streets while enjoying and receiving remarkable drinks and great discounts on bridal dresses, gowns, and bridal essentials at a great discount.

Through the walking tour, you and your bridal team will drink delicious cocktails, eat delicious chips at great cafes and then go through the amazing local boutiques. It is a great experience you must take advantage of to throw a memorable party event.

If you wish to have the best professional walking tour guides for your Austin bachelorette party, consult with us for a great discount price.

5. Pay For A Private Dance Class

Dance is a magical experience that will allow you and your bridal team to release the steam and the stress of planning for a wedding ceremony and allows you to cool off and enjoy the moment.

Paying for a private dance class is a thrilling experience that will allow your squad to be fully immersed in the party playground while interacting with dancing and great music, which makes memories that will last a lifetime. For a memorable Austin bachelorette party, try out the private dance class with the best dance goddess, and you will not regret it.

6. Book A Personalized Yoga Class

Second, after loving a party is a good yoga class. A personalized yoga class will allow you and your team to enjoy custom, onsite fun yoga classes that allow you and your team to return to the present through movement and mindfulness.

For all the craziness this world experiences surrounding an Austin bachelorette party and wedding weekend, the yoga class helps with realignment, enabling you to cherish and hold on to every moment spent with your team.

It is a fun activity that will allow you to wind down and relax before the major wedding event. If you wish to add a personalized yoga class to your bachelorette party activity, consult with us, and we will provide you with the best yoga classes for you and your team squad.

7. Plan For Makeovers

A makeover activity is perfect for the team members of your squad who love to be pampered. You can hire a professional makeover artist, rent out a salon or hire a stylist to do everyone’s nails, makeup, and hair and then go out for a night of celebration.

Also, to spice up the makeover, everyone in the squad can come with their favorite makeup essentials as party favors. For all your makeover essentials, check us out for the best services that will allow you to have a memorable Austin bachelorette party.


There can always be more ways to have a memorable bachelorette party. However, the above activities are a great starting point if you wish to have an Austin bachelorette party for your squad. Additionally, they are easy to achieve and have various preferences that each of your members in your squad team can choose to fit their desires.

A Bachelorette party should be fun, memorable, exciting, and thrilling; thus, to throw a memorable one for your squad, get in touch with us or call us, and we will be ready to help you actualize your ideas into reality.

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