If you have a bunch of breakables in your home, sometimes it’s hard to know where to store them. And if you don’t have a ton of storage, that makes it all the trickier.

And yet, you need to find some spots to stash some of your breakables. After all, you don’t want grandma’s favorite vase to break!

Here are some creative ways to keep breakables safe because no one wants to deal with the frustration of a broken family heirloom (or glass)!

1. Store Them On A High Shelf In The Kitchen

If there are high shelves in your kitchen, pull out a stepping stool. You’re going to need it to reach a high shelf!

High shelves are perfect for stashing away valuables and breakable objects. Putting your valuables in a high and safe area will prevent them from getting broken.

Remember that you should only put breakables on a high shelf you won’t use that often. It doesn’t make sense to put items you will use soon up there.

2. Put Them In A Secret Storage Area

If you have some secret storage, why not use it for breakables?

Think outside the box and consider all the areas where you could stow items.

There may be extra storage under a bed or in your closet. Or, a piece of furniture may have an additional drawer or compartment you’re not utilizing.

If so, putting breakables in a spot where you can make better use of the space is excellent.

But make sure they stay safe, and you’re not putting them there because it’s convenient. Remember, the goal is to prevent your breakables from breaking!

3. Tuck Them Away In Something Soft

It may be that some of your breakables are valuable. If breaking them would be devastating, give them a happy home by tucking them away in something safe and soft.

Put them inside a soft basket and wrap them in a blanket. Or, wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper and then place them in a storage container. There’s no way they’ll break with that type of care!

If you’re concerned that you won’t know what’s in there at a later point, label the container or box. You don’t want to forget that they’re there only to find and then drop them! Yikes!

4. Put Them In A Linen Cabinet

Having them in a linen cabinet is a safe place for them to be. You’ll be surrounding them with sheets and blankets.

Make sure the cabinet is deep enough so you can tuck your fragile items far away in the back. If the shelves are shallow, then you may want to rethink where you put them.

If there’s space, you can dedicate an entire shelf to your breakables. But if space is scarce, put them somewhere else. One idea is to put them inside a storage bench at the end of the bed. (We cover this next.)

5. Get A Storage Bench For Your Bedroom

The end of your bed isn’t the first place you think to store breakables. But it’s an area you may not access that often, making it a perfect spot to store fragile items.

Put your breakables in a small storage container with a lid so that they’ll stay extra protected.

To take it one step further, you can always wrap them in some bubble wrap. It depends on how much the item means to you and whether you’re worried it’ll get knocked around.

Since it’ll be at the end of the bed, likely, you won’t need to get into the bench that often. If you’d like to stash a few blankets on top of the containers, there’s that option as well!

6. Place Them On Tall Piece Of Furniture

You may have a few pieces of furniture that are tall because you’re taking advantage of vertical space. If there’s still some room up top, store your fragile belongings up there.

Would you like things to look more appealing from a decorative stance?

If so, put the breakables in nice storage boxes instead of plastic containers.

A handcrafted lidded box would look stylish on top of a bookshelf. And it’ll still do an excellent job at storing any breakables.

7. Use Them (Instead Of Storing Them)

If you don’t have enough room to use all your breakables, there’s an easy solution. Use them instead of storing them!

You can still store some of them in your apartment. But if there’s fine china you’ve been dying to use, have your family come over for an elegant dinner!

Hiding things away and not using them for months at a time is a good sign that you don’t need to keep them. Unless they’re keepsakes or you use them, consider donating them.

Otherwise, they’re going to take up space that you could be using to store other items you do use!


If you’re resourceful and creative, there are all sorts of places to store breakables.

It’s understandable if you don’t want things to get broken. But the good news is that now you have some ideas on where to place items, that shouldn’t happen!

Using items instead of storing them is always ideal. But in some cases, such as having keepsakes, it makes more sense to put them somewhere safe.

These tips should help you decide where to stash your breakables so they’ll stay in good condition.

Just don’t forget where they are, and be sure to use them whenever you can. Then you’ll be all set!

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Amber Smith is the Leasing Manager at Catalyst Houston. With over seven years of experience at luxury apartment communities, this Houston native has true pride in her city and understands why Catalyst is the perfect place to call home.

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