The fastest way to sell your house in Raleigh has always been through a cash seller. Here you are not required to renovate or repair your house before you sell it; cash house buyers will buy your home the way it is, even if its value is below the market value, and then take care of other costs.

No realtors are involved; therefore, you won’t have to worry about the realtor’s commissions. Selling your house in cash is also quite fast, and the deal can close in as little as seven days. Therefore, if I want to sell my house fast in Raleigh, here are the steps to follow.

Know The Value Of The House

There are many conveniences of selling your home to a cash home buyer including the ability to close the deal quickly, save your money on realtor commissions, and to sell your house as-is. However, you should keep watch on the value of your house to ensure that the cash offer is an amount that will cover your mortgage(s) and leave you with a bit of equity. You can get a free estimate of your home’s value online through various automated valuation and pricing tools.

These tools usually gather certain information about your house, like the state in which your house is located, information from house listing websites, and also from a user-generated questionnaire to give a close estimate value of your house. While these tools may be less accurate than comparative market analysis or professional appraisal, they can be a good start. The better part is that you access these tools absolutely for free.

Look For A Cash House Buyer & Request An Offer

Since you already have the estimated value of the house you want to sell, the next thing is to contact the buyer inquiring about their offer. You will often find a variety of cash house buyers, so the challenge here is how to choose the best cash buyer to sell my house fast Raleigh.

However, there are few indicators of reputable cash home buyers. One such indicator is a simple sale; here, you expect to fill in a simple questionnaire, and most likely, you will receive an indicative offer within 72 hours. You can also consult with the top real estate agents, who can advise you on the best cash house buyers in your state.

Evaluate The Offer & The Terms

Since there is no general formula for evaluating whether the cash offer suits you, this process can often be tricky. However, apart from the profit you make from the sale, there are also several other considerations. For instance, if I want to sell my house fast in Raleigh, I may evaluate the offer depending on the condition of my house.

You should keep in mind things such as the design of your house, the size, and the finish’s value. You can also compare the value of your house to the value of houses recently sold in your area. Also, pay close attention to the terms of the offer, as selling a house cannot be just about the price. The offer can be good, but the terms of the offer may not be favorable, so the two considerations should go hand in hand. Fewer contract contingencies are the best.

Also, if you sell your house to an individual seller, you should be cautious about the offer’s legitimacy to avoid fraudulent cases. For instance, when I want to sell my house fast in Raleigh, I would consider whether the buyer has a good record of closing transactions.

Also, whether you need a lawyer to confirm the terms of the contract or the buyer simply goes by the standard contract. When selling to individual home buyers, asking for proof of funds is essential.

Sign The Contract If You Are Happy With The Offer

If you have evaluated the offer and you are satisfied that the offer is the best for you, you can move on to the next step of signing the contract. The process is very similar to what takes place when you sell your house to realtors, only that when I sell my house fast in Raleigh, the process of signing the contract is relatively easy and brief.

However, the contract must include specific essential details to be a legal document. The first thing is the purchase price which is the agreeable selling price of your house. Other things included in the contract are the deposit amount, any other additional fees, if any, and the closing date.

Deal With Any Other Important Requirements For The Sale

Depending on the local government laws regarding residential house sales and the cash buyer you are dealing with, you might need to complete some other tasks to conclude the process. For instance, you must disclose any information attached to the property that could impact its future safety or value.

Allow Home Inspections

Some cash home buyers may need to inspect your house; others may skip the inspection and just purchase your house based on the information provided. The process can close in less than ten days if no house inspection is needed. However, cash house sellers who opt for an inspection of the house may prolong the process to weeks as they need to negotiate the price further.

Clear The Title, Review The Contract & Sign Closing Documents

At this step, you will do the title search to confirm the ownership of the house, and the title search will reveal other details such as unpaid taxes on the property, a second mortgage, or any other liens attached to the property. However, if there are no disputes regarding the title, you can proceed to the next step: reviewing the contract and signing the closing documents.


If I want to sell my house fast in Raleigh, I will go for cash buyers as the process is simple and usually takes a few steps to close the sale. When selling your house for cash, you should first know the value of your house, look for a cash buyer and request an offer, and evaluate the offer and the terms of sale.

Next, sign the contract if you are happy with the offer and deal with other requirements. Allow for home inspections, clear title, review the contract and sign the closing documents.

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