Tumble dryers are one of the most convenient appliances in your home, however, with the rising costs of electricity, many homeowners in the UK had passing thoughts about giving up such luxuries. In the below article, the team at The Complete Service decided to share 5 tried and tested tips on how you can save money on your household bills whilst still enjoying the luxury of a tumble dryer.

Choose Your Tumble Dryer Wisely

If you are looking to upgrade an existing tumble dryer, then it is recommended to shop for those models with the highest energy efficiency rating. For guidance, A to A+++ is the most efficient, and it is best to avoid getting those with an energy efficiency rating of C and below. This will ensure that the cost of running is as low as possible. 

If you are looking to cut costs with an existing model in your home, it’s time to find out what energy efficiency rating it has. If it is Below C, we’d either recommend upgrading your model or keeping an eye out for how long you use the tumble dryer to control costs. 

Take Care In Filling Your Tumble Dryer 

At first, you may think that leaving your tumble dryer half full is the best option. However, by sticking to the maximum load, you will be able to maximise its energy efficiency, as it takes the same amount of energy to dry a half load & a full load!

By closing your duvet covers and detangling your clothes before putting them in the tumble dryer, you will also avoid having those wet patches that prompt you to keep the machine on for longer. More air will be able to get to the items, meaning less drying time and lower bills.

An Extra tip: clean out the filters in your machine regularly so there is no buildup of lint. This will allow better air circulation and ultimately a shorter drying time leading to saving energy in your home. 

Use The Correct Setting On Your Tumble Dryer

It is recommended to not use timed cycles, as more often than not your clothes will dry before the cycle ends. Instead, it is encouraged to leave your clothes in for approximately 1- 1.5 hrs depending on the fabric, and check your outfits regularly. Some machines will also have a built-in moisture sensor, in which case you should use this instead of setting a time. Once there is no moisture detected in the drum, it will stop automatically, helping you save those pennies. At times you may find there are small leaks around your tumble dryer, or perhaps it may not heat as well as it should. In this case, you may want to think about repairing your tumble dryer to gain maximum efficiency.

Select Your Washing Machine Settings Wisely

Your clothes must be as well prepared as possible so they take less time to dry. By selecting a higher spin mode on your washing machine, you’ll ensure that more moisture is drawn out of the clothes before they are ready for the dryer. This will also make sure that it doesn’t overheat, which is a commonly found problem in many households. 

Take Advantage Of Sunny Days

Finally, taking advantage of the weather will be your biggest money saver. Let’s face it, hanging your clothes out on a dryer is free, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Clothes dried in the fresh air also have a more pleasant smell, and we are certain you’ll sleep better in your newly washed and dried duvet set knowing that you saved some money by not using the tumble dryer in the hot summer months. 

Overall, as long as you prepare your clothes well, use the most energy-efficient tumble dryer to dry your clothes and take care of your appliances, you have the perfect recipe to cut costs on your household bills. It is also a much cheaper solution to repair your tumble dryer if it only has a minor fault such as the drum not turning or the machine not heating – a popular choice for many landlords in the UK. With the above 5 tips, you now have everything you need to save those pennies, and put those savings to better use than paying your overpriced household bills.

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