Every year several young candidates prepare for the UPSC NDA exam so that they could be part of the Indian Army. Though candidates do work hard to make dreams come true, still many get confused about what sort of study-oriented strategy would be perfect to get high scores, especially in the Mathematics part of this exam called the NDA exam.

The fact cannot be ignored that the mathematical section has emerged as one of the important sections. If you are one of them mulling the same then this piece of content could be quite beneficial for you indeed.

We are going to cover this topic in a detailed manner so that you could have enough time to prepare before your UPSC NDA Exam Date approaches. These tips would be quite useful to guide you in an ideal way.

Emphasize On Focusing Concept Building

First, you need to make sure what concept building is.  The best thing is that CB in Math is all about understanding everything related to basics to an advanced level. You should not directly jump to the formulas but stay firm in the steps mentioned in the book. You need to understand each definition as well as the formula. You would be able to build up the ideal connection then you should go for understanding examples as well as practice. You should make sure that you need to go with the results as well as theorems that come across. Chances are high that it would require some time indeed. You need to keep in mind that these concepts do not build up in one night. But if you are completely dedicated to learning it effectively then you would also get able to solve many new questions quite easily indeed.

Practice Different Sort Of Questions

Yes, indeed, Maths would not sound easy to you if you do not take it seriously. To get good at Maths, you should go for regular practice. In case you are not having enough time then you need to make sure that you are sparing enough time to solve the questions. You should go ahead to solve at least 5-10 questions. You need to learn how to practice maths to get good scores. You should understand the concepts to make an excellent grab on different sorts of questions. It is quite important to learn different sorts of questions so that your confidence will get to the next level indeed.

Need To Practice Mock Tests

You should also learn how time management is done. Chances are high that you might end up wasting your precious time puzzling about the questions you are not sure about while attending a mock test. Solving mock tests gives you real-time experience indeed.

Do Not Fear To Solve New Questions

If you think that reading a mathematics book or going through recorded online lectures can help you to prepare the subject completely then you are a bit wrong. Experts also say that it is not a correct feeling or approach indeed. Here, it needs to be mentioned that Maths is an ideal subject and you might not be able to understand this perfectly until you start practicing the questions. You must not be afraid of practicing new questions. It will make you realize how much effort you need to put in. It will truly sharpen your skills and thinking to prepare the topic. The more questions you solve, the more you start having clarity about the subject indeed.


With the best UPSC full course online, you can enhance your knowledge and polish the concepts to crack it effortlessly. You can give mock tests, practice questions, etc to clear UPSC in just one go. Be consistent and get past your fear of Mathematics. Just follow the above-mentioned points and make mathematics your strongest section in the UPSC exam.

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