Moving cities (or even countries) is a huge dream for so many people. When you’re moving to one of the best states in the world, it’s a whole other level. California is the dream for a reason – white sandy beaches, parties all day and night and California girls, what’s not to love? If you’re serious about making the move today, there are Santa Clara homes for sale in one of the most gorgeous areas in Cali. Here are 10 reasons for moving to California and why is the best move for you.

1. The Beaches

Let’s kick it off with the most obvious one on the list – California beaches. From Malibu Beach to the Santa Monica Pier, you’ll have your pick of some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the world. If you’re a sun-soaked beach lover, Cali is nothing short of a dream come true. Whether you’re looking for a bustling party at the ocean, or a quiet, more private beach where you can roast in the sun with a good book, you’ll find your haven in California, no doubt.

2. The Forests

California has more to offer on the nature front than just your idyllic white sandy beaches. The landscape is pretty diverse which means that there’s a whole lot to see for a nature lover. Many people don’t realise that Cali is also home to some of the most incredible forests in the world. From the Big Basin Redwoods State Park to Muir Woods, you’ll find parks and walking trails galore to satisfy all your lush, green needs if you’re the adventurous and outdoorsy type.

3. The Desert Region

The interesting natural features of Cali don’t just end there – this state has a whole lot more to offer. The Mojave Desert, the Colorado Desert, the Great Basin Desert… All of these offer unique and beautiful features and attractions for you to explore and experience. The Desert Region is likely a landscape photographers dream and a great visit to make for any nature lover. Death Valley, here we come!

4. The Weather

Going hand in hand with the beautiful natural features of the state of California is its glorious weather. No matter where you are, you can expect warmth and sunshine to fuel your days and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re heading for the beach, a hike or a day out at lunch with friends, there’s nothing better than being greeted with a fresh and sunny day, a pleasure you’ll almost never have to sacrifice when you move to Cali.

5. The Cities

The landscape and the weather are fantastic, but that’s still saying nothing about the gorgeous cities of California. From L.A. to San Diego, to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, Cali is bustling with some of the biggest, most beautiful and well-loved cities in the world, and trust us when we say they don’t disappoint. Road tripping through this state will have you seeing major attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, stunning national parks, Hearst Castle, The Getty Centre, Universal Studios and so many more. There are endless sights to see and adventures to have when you live in this golden state. For instance, if you love celebrities, California is the place to be. With the luxury Beverly Hills mansions a pleasure for everyone to see, no matter how long you live there you’ll always find them fascinating.

6. The People

California boasts diversity. With Mexico just across the border and the coastline bringing in people from all over the world, you can expect nothing less than a melting pot of different kinds of people and cultures. Whether you’re a traveller or a Cali local, you’ll never be short of interesting company to learn and grow and experience new things and perspectives. The diversity adds so much to the atmosphere and feel of the place – it’s an experience like no other.

7. The Food

Along with this cultural diversity, of course, comes great food experiences. California’s culinary scene is bursting at the seams with different cuisines to sample and experience. From Mexican and Portuguese, to Japanese and Indian, you’ll be able to experience phenomenally authentic dishes from any culture you can think of – a foodie’s dream come true. Cali also boasts its own ‘speciality’ iconic dishes, including the California pizza, cobb salads and the well-loved sourdough loaf.

8. The Nightlife

If you’re a party animal, California is where the party lives on. L.A and San Francisco are homes to some of the best and biggest clubs in the world. Party at places like Hyde Sunset, OAK LA and Nightingale, rub shoulders with celebs and meet some of the craziest people you’ll ever come across. In Cali, the party quite literally never ends.

9. The Lifestyle

Even though Californian’s know how to party, they also know how to take pretty good care of themselves. The state ranks 10th in physical activity, 4th in healthy blood pressure and 5th in healthy diet. In California, making healthier decisions is easy with the whole foods on offer and the gorgeous outdoor world that calls you out to go for a run. The state is also pretty strict on tobacco regulation and is working hard at cutting down air pollution as best they can, making the state as healthy an environment as possible for its residents. Living in an environment like this, you can’t help but feel encouraged to change your lifestyle for the better, get active and get healthy.

10. Disneyland

If all the above reasons weren’t enough to convince you, Disneyland is all we need to say to seal the deal. Located in Anaheim, Disneyland Resort offers nothing but endless joy and is an experience that nobody should miss out on. Who doesn’t want to live in close proximity to one of the happiest places on earth? We thought so.


California is the type of state that has something to offer to pretty much every kind of person. Whether you’re an adventure and travel junkie, a food lover, a health nut or a party animal, Cali has something for you. Moving to this state is a decision nobody could regret. With great education, beautiful cities and endless experiences, you could never be bored or unhappy here, whether you want to settle down with a family or just have fun.

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