So many people desire to learn how to play the violin but lack the know-how to do this themselves. This is especially when they have so much on their schedule to even spare some time to go for training with a professional trainer. Even so, learning the violin can be a very expensive affair, considering that not so many people play it let alone buy the instrument.

Also, there are those people who would be very afraid to go through a series of training from a Forbes Music Company despite their love for learning the violin. However, if you are determined and passionate about knowing how to play your instrument, it is possible. Although I would be lying to say that you will be a pro in just a few lessons, it would take up to three years to fully play complex tunes and join a jam band. Nonetheless, here are a few steps to help you learn how to play the violin on your own;

Put Aside At Least 30 Minutes A Day To Practice Basic Violin Tunes

Most people don’t like practicing the violin scales. A lot of violin students are stressed by the idea of practicing scales every single day. Even so, we all want to play violin and sing along with our favorite songs. But before then, you have to get used to practicing the boring scales. Shockingly, after a while, students want to continue playing scales. The thing is,  to play the violin effectively, you have to get used to playing the scales. Practicing scales is a highway to bettering your intonation and so spare 30 minutes a day for it.

Practice The Hardest Parts Most

The only secret to learning violin quickly is to get used to hard pieces. You will not learn too quickly if you are afraid of tackling the hardest of tunes. Try to play hard tunes, even if you do not have a trainer. If you practice daily and listen to yourself while analyzing your mistakes, you will make massive progress. Also, focus more on areas that you want to improve and be determined to improve. Try out such things as the bowing technique and test your skills.

Listen To Violin Music Often 

Always set aside more time to listen to violin music rather than playing alone. Despite your urge to learn to play the violin, people sometimes forget that listening to the tunes is part of the process. You need to have a very good and keen ear, especially for violin music such as Bach, orchestral pieces, and Suzuki violin methods. This would help you get a better feeling of the violin music and understand how the rhythms flow, intonations, and realize mistakes when necessary.

Watch Other Experienced Violinists Play

Regularly watching other more experienced violinists helps with understanding different ways of playing the violin. Some of them play hard notes that you are not familiar with. You will get to understand which part of the strings you need to play to get the right tunes. Also, you have a chance to attend local concerts, go and see how the violinist plays there. Unconsciously, you will be learning a few tricks that are applicable in your practice. Youtube has lots of videos of players and at least one virtual violin teacher, you can take the time to watch several each day.

Find Other Violinists & Befriend Them

Having friends who play violin helps you a lot in terms of practice and your zeal to keep playing. If you can find a person who plays violin, befriend them and create a pact whereby you will practice together. It also helps you exchange ideas. It would be best if you could find a more experienced person to help you perfect your skills. Learning alone is possible but can be a hard task to do and much easier if you have a friend to help you.

Learning violin can be easy but also hard. It all depends on the person and how determined they are to perfect their skills with time. These five steps to learning violin alone are key. However, the hard task lies with you putting it into practice. All the best.

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