What you put on social media can cost you your job. But, how does this happen unless it is a serious offense? Most people do not understand the importance of having social media boundaries and etiquette until it cost them their job or reputation. But, if you are consulting blastup to learn more on growing your Instagram following. It is different from sharing on Instagram a post that seems controversial to your job that can gain you your dismissal. It may seem not innocuous, but it is best to know what to stay away from to maintain your work. Thus think before you post on your social media accounts. Below are ways to prevent social media posts from costing you your job.

Keep Workplace Information Confidential 

One ground for firing is blabbing private workplace information to social media masses. Always avoid this at all costs, no matter how tempting. Sharing confidential information, such as revealing upcoming plans, services, staffing, to anything else, will get you a box to clear your desk. Your company must trust you and your social media presence to protect company information. What you learn privately in your position during a presentation or meeting should not be shared. Let the company share it when it wills.

Evaluate Company Values 

Do you know your company values? If you do not or are unclear about them, speak up, for social media posts that are not at par with their message can prove costly. Know your company policies, values, practices, and where you are not more aware of them. Ask on their stand on social behavior. But, you should not feel overly restricted, or you are living life for how people tend to perceive you. However, when it comes to your professional life and making a career move, be thoughtful about it.

Learn Social Posts Are Not As Private

Depending on the social circles of social media, some of them can help you get a better job. However, your online popularity can cost you your work from a single post. Even with account settings on private, posts always have a way to travel and get to your employer. Again, it is beneficial in such a case to know your rights. Most employers’ social media policies are unlawful when they interfere with employee rights, such as discussing working conditions with coworkers.

Avoid Bullying 

At all costs, do not write anything defamatory about a colleague. It can cost you unemployment, for it is a form of cyberbullying. Posts that intentionally hurt, defame or target your colleagues in a way that constitutes bullying or harassment are behaviors that will cause you to lose your job. Therefore, in case of conflict at the workplace, avoid venting your anger on social media. Having the courage and engage in constructive dialogue. It is a sign of growth and maturity.

Mind Your Memes

Memes can seem hilarious, but the interpretation of them varies with everyone. For instance, your boss may find a meme you find funny to be offensive. You may not be the original owner of the content, but be careful what you share. Sharing an offensive meme can get you fired or at least cost you a warning letter. It seems a gray area when you think of free speech, but what if it happens? Therefore, consider the content you are sharing and the platform you are sharing it. Also, if you are using company emails, devices, and internet service when it is inappropriate to do so in the policy it’s wrong.

Speak For Yourself Only

On social media platforms, you must separate yourself from your employer. For instance, when you act on their behalf on your social media. The consequences may cost you when they find out. If you are presenting your own beliefs and opinions, ensure they are not construed to represent the company’s opinions. The best thing to do is include a disclaimer that the posts are your own and keep your employer’s name out of your profile. In this way, you use your social media presence the right way, and you are sure that they cannot get you in trouble with your employer.

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