TikTok advertisements are relatively new, and, given how distinctive they are and how unique the TikTok media format has become, advertisers seeking to dominate this market could benefit from any assistance they can receive. Based on information from TikTok Headquarters, the following top practices will lead you to high-performing advertisements that can reach their full potential for ROI. You can also get free TikTok followers with GoViral.

Universal Best Practices


1. Prioritize High-Quality Video


Examining the most successful ads on the market showed TikTok precisely how crucial the quality of the video is to its performance. 83.2 percent of the top-performing TikTok-generated videos have a resolution of 720p or more. Additionally, they get an average 5.4 percent boost in the number of views.


2. Use Sound


Sound matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to the camera, playing music, or doing a voiceover video needs to be sound-proofed. TikTok is a sound-on platform. The addition of audio can result in more visuals, and that’s why the majority (93 percent!) of the top-performing TikToks employ audio.


3. Keep It Brief


TikTok is specifically designed for shorter attention durations. Your ads must be able to adapt to the format of video while delivering your message. According to TikTok data, one in four top-performing videos is Between 21 and 34 secs in length. Videos with this length see a 1.6 percent increase in impressions.


4. Go To Full-Screen


The full-screen view format is a crucial element that differentiates TikTok from other social networks. Suppose you’re looking to make the most of TikTok’s popularity regarding advertisements on social networks and social media posts. In that case, your videos must play according to the platform’s strengths. 98% of the top-performing TikTok videos are full-screen with no border or white space hindering the flow of the video. Also, videos that conform to the 9:16 ratio recommended by TikTok receive 60.5 percent more views.


5. Shoot Vertically


The most important thing is that your content takes viewers away from your TikTok browsing experience. Your content must appear natural on the platform. This makes vertical shooting essential to TikTok’s advertising success. Consider this: If users must rotate their smartphones to watch the content, what’s stopping them from scrolling through it? Videos that are formatted vertically received 40.1 percent more views than those that were shot square or horizontally.

Top Practices To Use For eCommerce


1. Change Your Scenes


In terms of positioning your products on TikTok, mixing the settings and angles goes far. 99percent of the most successful online videos are different in how they display their goods in one video. Compared to videos that do not use B-roll or other video transitions, videos featuring different scenes have an average of a 40.6 percent boost in impressions.


2. Make Sure You Have A Caption For Your CTA


Captions are an essential component of any video content. They allow your video to be accessible to hard-of-hearing and deaf audiences and give users who cannot hear the option of watching your range without changing their phone’s settings. Captions are even more effective when used to promote eCommerce advertisements posted on the platform TikTok. Promotions with captions emphasizing the CTA by using on-screen text receive 55.7 percent more views than ads with no text on the screen.


3. Insist On He Value Of A Present


Is it promoting a special promotion like the seasonal sale or discount coupon? Videos featuring footage of someone highlighting a rise get 67.4 percent more views than those without.

Best Gaming Practices

Here are the TikTok’s best methods for advertising games:

  • Write out the CTA. Video games in the category that have displayed CTA on screen have 11.3 percent more views than videos without.
  • Play the game. The gaming community likes to see gameplay and features in action. More than half of gaming-related videos show this (they get 12.6 percent more views because of it).
  • Include a card at the end of the video: providing download details, tips, and tips after the video. This triggered advertisements in the category of gaming with 47.3 percent more impressions.

If you’re aware of the essentials of creating an effective TikTok advertisement, it’s an ideal time to apply these top techniques. The editing tools on TikTok simplify the process. They even provide innovative tools to assist you in repurposing content of other sites to create videos that fit perfectly with the platform’s most successful advertisements. When your videos are ready and running, you should be sure to monitor and improve the performance of your videos using Marin One.

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