In 2022 a communication strategy that doesn’t include social media may seem outdated. Implementing a social media strategy requires know-how and precise methods for growing an Instagram account

I’ll try to enlighten you with these 5 main tips that you can use to launch yourself on social networks and be an influencer one day.

1. Set Precise Objectives

Before you start, you need to know why you are doing it. If you don’t know what direction to take, you won’t know which community to target, nor which networks to use. So, before you create your accounts, ask yourself this simple question: “Why does my company need to be present on social networks?”. I suggest these 5 main objectives:

Awareness: do I want to improve my brand image?

Acquisition: do I want to have thousands of followers?

Interaction: do I want to generate engagement?

Conversion: do I want to turn my community into customers?

Customer Satisfaction: do I want to extend my customers’ experience?

2. Identify Your Community

You now know why you should be on social networks. Depending on your choice, you will have to select a community to address. To find the community that is most likely to be interested in your brand, you will have to make several assumptions and verify the behaviors of each of them by making an empathy map. 

By making a precise choice in the definition of your community, you maximize the chances of creating engagement around an interest that you have in common with them. 

3. Write An Editorial Line

This is the common thread that will guide your brand discourse. I consider this step as the first step toward the production and the organized distribution of content. Once defined, the editorial line allows you to know precisely the topics you will address with your community. Be careful to keep a certain coherence between the objectives, the chosen community, and the editorial line. You will also have to define which topics to avoid. Language is a strong element of differentiation.

4. Define The Right Channels/Supports For Your Social Media Plan

Very good, it’s coming along! At this point, you are almost ready to go. You still need to define the right social networks to invest in. This is not an easy task. Some brands think that by being present on Instagram and growing Instagram accounts, they will reach all their targets/communities. I advise you to take the opposite view: select 2 or 3 networks in a precise way, on which you will be sure to find your community.

5. Set Key Measurement Indicators

Now you need to be able to analyze the performance of your strategy. There are few indicators to know if your advertising has worked or not. You will measure the average engagement rate of your posts, the increase of your community, the number of leads obtained thanks to your strategy, the positive and negative opinions collected, the number of mentions of your brand, the evolution of your impressions, etc. Dozens of indicators will allow you to refine your strategy and optimize it to reach your goals.

Follow these simple yet fruit-bearing tips to adopt effective social media marketing plans and grow your Instagram.

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