The Covid 19 pandemic has become a major part of our lives all around the globe. And as life must go on, even couples have had to confront it instead of postponing their plans. If you’re one such couple and you find yourself having to plan a honeymoon during covid, do not fret. From packing up your wedding boxes to planning your trip. We have a number of helpful tips that can be off assistance during this trying time.

Choosing to travel or not travel is ultimately up to you as no one would be able to decide this on your behalf. However, there are quite a few honeymoon destinations that are Covid 19 compliant, and that you could travel to with relative ease. Guidelines are changing constantly, even right now, and that can also impact the choice on the best place to travel during Covid. What we can do however, is to give you information that can guide you in making the best decision on where to go during the pandemic.

1. Bridal Boxes

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A bride subscription box is one item that can be very helpful when planning a honeymoon during a pandemic. Asides delivering items that are vital to wedding planning, bridal box subscriptions also have a number of fun travel items couples will love. From beach hats and totes, luggage tags, luxurious couple honeymoon apparel, and more. The miss to mrs wedding subscription box in particular, goes the extra mile to ensure their couples are well taken care of. Bride subscription boxes even contain scented candles, wine, sensual teasers and other surprises for the most romantic nights. With the miss to mrs bridal box, you can stay in as often as you like to minimize outside contact for a safe trip during Covid.

2. Important Things To Consider

Planning ever after honeymoons during such a time as now takes a lot of thought. This is because everything has an element of risk, including travel. Also, everyone’s comfort level around this risk is different. Some people are now more comfortable with local trips than international ones. Or even a driving destination over getting on a plane.

This is why couples need to asses their comfort levels before choosing where to travel to and how to travel. Other factors to consider in the pros and cons of travelling are personal situations, such as. Does any of you or the elderly people in your life have pre-existing conditions? Do you have parents and grandparents that you visit often? Are they vaccinated? Are you vaccinated?

3. How Travel Has Changed

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel has changed significantly no doubt. And couples tend to choose nearer destinations over ones much further away. The choice of hotels when choosing honeymoon destinations during Covid have gotten slimmer and more difficult to book as demand is more than supply.

Couples are now more drawn to destinations with more outdoor activities, like Jackson Hole, Blackberry Mountain and Blackberry Farm and these are now usually all booked out. Some couples prefer privacy for more safety during this time and opt to rent a private property where they can plan their activities themselves.

International Travel

Border closures and Covid safety procedures have completely changed international travel and couples have a lot to consider when choosing places to travel during the pandemic. With quarantine required for some destinations and certain vaccines for the others among those countries that are open, international travel has become a lot less popular.

As a couple, if you have been vaccinated, then your options, though limited, are a good number. If you haven’t been vaccinated however, this would be a good time to consider it. Also, you would need to decide on which vaccine to take, depending on the regulations of the country you wish to visit.

4. Changing Guidelines & Protocols

Considering that protocols and guideline change constantly from day to day, it is important to stay on top of things. Constantly check the government website for the country you are traveling to, as well as your own. It is also helpful to employ the services of a travel adviser who can help you stay on top of things, and keep you updated.

Another factor that could help when considering the best places to travel to during Covid, is to plan a simpler itinerary. With safety concerns, a lot of people are choosing to slow down and enjoy one location instead of two or three. Also, fewer activities instead of a lot as they would have liked to in the past. Safety takes top priority, especially as the pandemic is a global concern.

Plan with longer hours in mind. Longer hours at check-in, passport control, customs and so on. This will ensure that you make your flights on time, even with the constantly changing landscape.

While it might be difficult to plan a honeymoon during Covid, it is important that you enjoy it regardless of the circumstances. You might want to be careful with sharing this joy on social media though. A lot of people have lost jobs and loved ones during this period and might not be eager to share in your happiness. Updating your posts with information on the safety precautions you’re taking to not catch or spread the virus, could be more practical and helpful.

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