Are you paying extra charges for Cox cable? Does your monthly bill show an unreasonable increase? Are you receiving all services you pay for? Many consumers pay upwards on their Cox cable bill. The increasing cable TV and phone fees have left the most frugal of customers at the mercy of the cable providers.

You may be paying about 60% upwards on your provider’s internet service without realizing it. Most cable providers implement the surge within the first year of service. But don’t worry. Now you can lower your cable bill in five different ways. Continue reading to know about the ways to lower your bill.

Contact Their Customer Support Center

You can call the company’s customer service department to ascertain the reason behind the bill hike. A friend of mine once told me how she convinced Cox to lower her bill. She said they had increased the bill with little warning. She told me she had to look for these extremely tiny details on the bill to know about future hikes.

Most cable providers in the U.S. use the introductory pricing strategy to attract consumers. Customers initially pay very little to get cable services. Companies then adjust the bill to cover the discount they had provided at the start of the service. You can check the difference by comparing the 13th bill to the previous 12 bills.

Moreover, you can negotiate a lower rate for your cable service via phone. The process may take up your entire afternoon but it’s worth the effort. Make sure that you have cleared all your bill payments before contacting the service provider. Outstanding bills won’t get you far enough down the road.

Become A New Subscriber

We’ve already talked about the ultra-low rates Cox offers to new customers. You can benefit from the introductory prices if you sign up for the service. However, you need to do one thing before that. Cancel your existing service. You cannot sign up for multiple services with the same account details. Most subscribers wait for a few days to re-sign with the provider.

You can qualify as a new customer in multiple ways. The first one involves waiting for a few days. The second one, on the other hand, involves cancellation and subsequent sign-up under a different name and account. Couples I have talked to say they often bounce between names to avail discount offers from the provider.

While the trick technically goes against your account’s terms of service, it doesn’t do any harm. The company won’t spend its resources to track you and receive negative reviews in return. After all, you’re a paying customer who just happens to pull off a few tricks.

Discuss The Bill With A Company Representative

You can go over the bill line by line to see if you can get a discount. A relative of mine did the same after he found out the company had increased his bill. He contacted the company and discussed the charges on the bill line by line. When he reached the extra charges section, the support rep told him to forget several entries. I couldn’t help but laugh when he almost jumped out of his chair to say that he won as the company decreased his bill.

Go For Bundle Packages

You can multiple things for the price of one. For example, you can get cable, internet, and phone service at much cheaper rates as compared to buying them separately. Another friend of mine was able to save several dollars on bundle offers. It is advisable to avail said services from the same company. Moreover, you can check out low-cost broadband plans if you want to save yourself some money.

Get Rid Of Extra Charges

You can get rid of all those extra charges by getting yourself a device that plays movies. Why pay extra for movie channels? Though the device may cost you some money, you’ll end up saving more. Moreover, consider using your smartphone instead of a landline. The company offers great internet plans for smartphone users. You can get a decent speed with your internet plan.


You can try to get the company to lower your bill by giving them a call. You may have to put some effort into your negotiations. Remember, you are very well within your right to get rid of higher prices. So, what are you waiting for?

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