The odd security guard company is no longer just hiring anonymous security guards but is choosing to find licensed security guards to help avoid lawsuits. But where does one begin? There are a lot of resources, both online and offline, that can help you find the security guard service firms you need.

Here is a list of tips to follow to find licensed guards.

1. Find The Right Company

The best way to avoid scams and other issues when dealing with fake security companies is to ensure the company you are dealing with has a license number. A company that is licensed to help or provide security guard services must be licensed. These companies have a license number they must adhere to, and an online search is a great way to find this information.

2. Know What You Want For Your Home, Business, Or Organization

There are different requirements for different businesses, organizations, and homes, so you are sure you know what you need before searching for it. Many times, people need help understanding what they need and end up wasting their time and money. If you are still determining what you need or what is available, hire a security guard company with their equipment.

3. Know The Types Of Guards That Your Area Offers

Every area is different, and it’s essential to fully understand the business, organization, or home you are doing business with. It may be similar to yours in that they want to use uniformed guards, but it could mean completely different things. For instance, a workplace might require a roll-up door entry, or a business might need an alarm system. There are a lot of companies out there with their equipment for different situations, and you should always speak with your local provider before making the decision.

4. Be Aware Of Scams, Especially On The Internet

Although there are many ways to find companies online that can provide security guard services, plenty of scam artists out there will try and make money off of you by taking your money upfront for equipment and then not giving you what you paid for. This usually happens with uniformed security guards, but some fake companies deal with private investigators, bodyguards, and other types of asset protection. Be careful before you pay money upfront to anyone.

5. Check With Your Local Government

In some American states, for instance, you must have a license to run a security guard company. This is where many companies will get their support from. However, some other states and territories are just as strict and will even limit what a security guard company can do or how they operate. For instance, you can only do bodyguard service if you have exceptional service licensing. Be careful when doing business online or offline, and ask questions before making a final decision on any security service company.

6. Ask Your Friends, Family, & Colleagues For Recommendations

Your local community is the best place to start when looking for security guard services. People will have a general idea of who does what and the good companies in the area. If you ask around and find a few names, you can check them out online to see if they have any information. However, this advice only works if you trust your local community because some companies will do anything to look legitimate on their website, even if it’s different. Always remember that time is money, so be weary about wasting time on companies that may be scamming or providing subpar service.

7. Check With Different Government Websites

Several government websites provide various information for states, countries, and territories. Although these sites may only be updated occasionally or available in some places, they are a great place to start when searching for information about licensing requirements for security guard companies. You might need more than the exact details, but the data is often enough to get you started.


Finding licensed security guards can be a daunting job. So many rules and regulations go along with it that sometimes it isn’t even funny. However, when hiring or attempting to find licensed security guard companies for your company, home, or organization, you should follow these tips to ensure you find the best possible service for your needs at the best price possible.

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