Staying active throughout your life is a great way to keep your blood pressure low, your body healthy, your mind sharp, and is an excellent way to make friends and be social. There are so many different sports and activities available as well, so you aren’t limited to just a few options you hate. Discovering your next passion sport means finding something you love doing that makes exercise fun and exhilarating.

If working out at a gym isn’t for you, don’t worry. If exercise classes aren’t fun, don’t worry. You can find your next passion sport by following these steps:

Start With Adjacent Sports

Start with a sport or activity you already like, and then try out adjacent options. If you like surfing, for example, but don’t get a lot of opportunities due to where you live, then try out skateboarding. If you like hiking, try climbing. If you like swimming, try synchronized swimming. There are many adjacent sports like these where you engage with the same core interest but in new ways.

Find Communities Online

The next step is to find online communities, organizers, teams, and businesses. These will offer a lot of great advice and may even have messaging boards. You can get in touch and ask for advice, and even make new friends right from the bat. What you will specifically be looking for in this step, however, is advice on how to get started and any information about taster sessions or discounted offers.

Try It Out

How you try out this new sport will depend on what it is. If you want to try out skating, there are skate organizations available that are actively working to get more people to try it out and offer rentals and lessons. If the activity in question is something like hiking, you’ll want to find a group near you to join to get the most out of the experience.

Get Expert Advice When Buying Equipment

You’ll want to do your research and then try out the equipment type in advance by renting, but once you generally know what you want, you’ll want to get expert advice. This applies to everything from a skate protection pack to which longboard is best for your height. A lot of sporting equipment depends on what you want to do, your height, and your weight.

Trial Period

Try it out for a few weeks, and if you continue to love it and don’t want to stop, then it will be time to invest further. This could mean clearing out your schedule to make it a regular habit, buying classes and lessons from professionals, to even buying your own equipment.

Find A Community

Having a sport you love is a great way to stay active and be social. Finding those who love the same sport can make a significant difference, to the point where you may hate it on your own but love it when you are with other people. Always take the time to find that community, and stay active!

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