You may have had coffee made from a French press before, and you’re impressed with the taste. The flavor is rich, and nothing, so far, has tasted as good as French press coffee! 

Even though you love the taste of French press coffee, you still haven’t gotten a French press. And, you still may be on the fence about whether you should get one or not.

If you’re after saving money and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, let me reassure you it is more than worth it! 

In this article, I discuss a few advantages of brewing with a French press. By the end, you’ll be convinced that getting and brewing with a French press is the way to go.

Types Of Beans To Use 

Before I jump into the benefits of brewing with a French press, let’s touch on what the best kind of beans is to use. 

Most French press coffee lovers prefer to brew medium roast or dark roast coffee beans. This is because, with a French press, there’s less bitterness so that people can enjoy the flavor of a dark roast. 

If you’re unsure of what kind of beans you’ll like the most, shop around. You’ll undoubtedly find some beans that taste exceptionally well. 

Now onto the many advantages of brewing with a French press! 

1. It Doesn’t Cost A Lot Of Money 

At first thought, it may seem that getting a French press is expensive. But depending on what you buy, it doesn’t have to be. 

There are cheaper French press models available, but it may be worth your while to get a more expensive one. More expensive models tend to last longer, but that’s not always the case. 

Do research to find out which models are best. Then, even if you initially spent more money to get a high-quality coffee plunger, you’ll be happy you did so. 

Think of all the Starbucks drinks you’ll be forgoing. If you were spending around five dollars a day on your daily drink — your French press investment would pay off!

2. Makes Delicious Tasting Coffee 

You may be thinking about getting a French press because you enjoy what you’ve tasted at coffee shops. And, you want to be able to continue to brew delicious tasting coffee on your own! 

Why does coffee taste so wonderful when made with a French press? 

Well, since you don’t use a paper filter with a French press, more oils from your coffee end up in the brew. Since the oils from coffee are what give it flavor, you know what that means. Your coffee tastes incredible! 

3. Easy To Clean & Store 

A French press also happens to be super easy to clean and store. The coffee maker only has two parts — a container and a plunger. Depending on the model you get, it should be easy to disassemble it and regularly clean it. 

As for storing it, since it’s small and compact, you can put it anywhere in your kitchen. However, it’s best to put it by other accessories like your coffee beans so you can quickly locate everything at once. 

4. Travel-Ready 

A French press is easy to bring with you on the road. Most models are small and compact, making it a cinch to pack a ready-to-go small coffee bag. 

It’s a big bummer when you’re camping or flying somewhere without your favorite coffee. You may get a caffeine headache or can’t find a local coffee shop you like. 

Luckily, with a compact French press, you don’t have to forgo your favorite coffee drink. Just make enough room in your travel bag or suitcase and voilà! You’ll get to enjoy French press coffee and save money going to Starbucks during your trip.

5. Enough Coffee For The Entire Family

If everyone in your family is sold on the French press, another benefit is it usually makes enough coffee for each family member. Well, unless you have more than five family members. Then, you might be pushing it. 

If you have a large family, a larger model may be the way to go. A large model will make a fair amount of coffee, and it doesn’t take very long to brew the coffee, either. Even with a smaller French press model, you can still get enough coffee. 

As opposed to a drip coffee machine that takes forever for you to get your coffee. Plus, don’t forget that you’re also forgoing a richer coffee taste that comes with a French press! 


Are you sold on getting a French press? Even if you have a drip coffee maker, you might as well add a French press to your coffee-making collection. You’ll likely discover that you like brewing with your French press more. 

After you invest in a French press, it’s go time. Enjoy your French press and create the perfect cup of coffee. 

All you have to do is grind, pour, extract, and then drink! Enjoy!

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