Adobe has to put in a lot of effort to perfect its application to meet its users’ standards. It invests a huge amount of money in hiring the best developer, designer, tester and many other professionals to ensure the required performance. So, it’s no rocket science that the company has protocols against piracy or non-licensed software. The software will keep on showing pop ups while you use the application.

However, due to technical issues, some legal or registered users are also experiencing these pop ups, which are distracting and discouraging. Well, this post will provide you with three methods to disable the adobe genuine software integrity services and prevent this issue.

Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Services Using Services

  • For this method, click on the search or start button and look for ‘Services.’
  • In the new windows that pop ups, find the service titled ‘Adobe genuine software integrity service.’
  • Right-click on the service and enter its properties.
  • In the properties, go to the ‘General’ tab and find the ‘Startup Type’ dropdown.
  • Change the dropdown option from ‘Automatic’ to ‘Disable.’
  • Then save the changes, and after a restart, you will be good to go.

Disable Adobe Services Using Task Manager

  • The second way to disable adobe genuine software integrity service is through the task manager.
  • Start by opening the Task manager using windows search, CTRL+ALT+DEL key combo or by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting the Task Manager option.
  • In the task manager, navigate to the processes tab and find the ‘Adobe Genuine Software Integrity services.’ You will find it by its short name ‘AGSServices.exe.’
  • Then right-click on the service and select the ‘Open File Location’ option in the dropdown.
  • Your system will lead you to the adobe folder, leave this folder and head to the task manager.
  • Here right-click the Adobe service and then click End Task to disable it.
  • Then head back to the ‘AdobeGCIClient’ folder and delete it.
  • After a restart, the system will be free of the popups, but if they still exist, try renaming the folder.

Using Command Prompt To Disable Adobe Services

  • The CMD is the most professional and reliable method to disable the Adobe service.
  • You can get into it by opening Command prompt by searching ‘CMD’ in windows search.
  • In the command prompt, type ‘SC delete AGSServices’ and hit enter.
  • Then head to the Adobe folder location, find the ‘AdobeGCClient’ folder and delete it.
  • If the method doesn’t work, try using ‘sc Delete AAMUpdater’ and then deleting the AdobeGCClient folder.

Disabling Adobe Services On Mac OS

  • The process of deleting Adobe Genuine Software services for Mac is identical to that of Windows.
  • Here, start by opening the finder using the ‘Finder’ button in your main screen’s dock.
  • Then head to the ‘Go’ button and click on the ‘Go To Folder’ option in its dropdown.
  • In the new tab that opens, go to Adobe Folder in the Application Support folder.
  • Then Find the AdobeGCClient folder and delete it.
  • Restart your system, and you will be good to go.


Hopefully, one of the above methods will work perfectly with your system and end the popup problem, once and for all. But if it doesn’t, try the adobe Support services. They will walk you through common troubleshoots and help you get rid of the problem.

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