When a loved one dies, how you feel is unique to your journey. There is no right way to process grief, just like there is no wrong way. It is normal to feel compelled to commemorate your loved one in a special way and there are plenty of ways to achieve this. Creating a memorial garden is a positive way to channel grief into something productive and meaningful. Here is how you can design your own memorial garden for a loved one.

Choose A Special Place

Options might be limited in this respect because public spaces will usually require special permits or have restrictions on what you can build and place. However, if there is a space that you’re not willing to compromise on to carry out your dream, do as much research as possible to see it through. Usually, your own garden is the perfect spot. You could also buy a plot of land to build a bigger vision too if your budget allows it.

Set Up A Donation Page

To help with the cost, setting up a donation page with a clear story and purpose will entice people to your cause. Fulfilling a mission requires planning and funding. If you have a personal budget that allows you to meet your goal, that’s amazing, but not everyone has this option. Family and friends will happily donate to help you realize this dream and possibly wish to contribute to the plans and building elements as well.

Special Memory Elements

For memorial gardens, it is typical to have a feature of the loved one in a prominent position. This can look like many things from engraved stones to engraved bricks on a wall. If you want to engrave a brick, you have the option of using a dedicated company to create a long-lasting, specialist product as a feature in the garden. It is nice to have memories dotted about that people contribute to in their own lens of healing too.

Their Favourite Flowers

Every garden needs flowers. They are a common feature. What better way to honor the memory of your past friend or family member than by ensuring that their favorite brand of flower is the main event? Source your seeds, or find a ready-grown product that is easy to plant around. You can put in as many or as few as you like, the rules are up to you!

Channel Peace

A memory garden is supposed to be, above all, a place of peaceful reflection. Somewhere people can go to reminisce about the memories shared over a lifetime of happy moments in all shapes and sizes. There will be grieving, but there will also be a focus on healing too. This place is somewhere to feel connected to the person you lost. When you are there, you know that they are close by, just out of sight.

A memorial garden is a special and beautiful place where people can go to process their heavy grief. It should be about peaceful movement and help you to stay connected to the person you hold close to your heart.

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