Christmas is a time when we want to look our best. Most of us have office parties, dinners with friends and family lunches to attend, and we want to look and feel great. But it can be hard to achieve a healthy glow at this time of the year. Your skin might be sore and dry due to the cold weather and harsh winds. You might have spots or oily patches if you’ve already started to enjoy some festive indulgence, and if you are having late nights, or your days are more stressful, you might look tired and pale, and be struggling to glow from the inside. Here are some great tips to help you find, and keep, your glow all Christmas long.

Stay Warm

Keeping warm isn’t always easy in the wintertime, but it’s one of the best ways to boost circulation and protect your skin. Wearing gloves when you are out will help you to avoid dry, cracked hands, and wearing layers will help to promote good circulation.

Get Some Exercise

One of the most effective ways to boost circulation and achieve a healthy, rosy glow, is to get some exercise. Outdoor running, hiking or even regular short walks are ideal. But on days when the weather is very poor, hitting the gym, going for an indoor swim, or practising a home workout will still help you to find your glow. Exercise will also boost your mood, which always helps us to look more radiant.

Use One Brand

Many of the skincare and beauty products on the market contain huge numbers of ingredients, including chemicals and preservatives. You can reduce how many ingredients you are adding to your skin by sticking to the same brand as much as possible. Make sure you know what you are using and try to stick to a brand that you trust, like Trilogy. Trilogy offers a range of skincare and oils which will hydrate, smooth, and protect your skin.

Always Take Your Makeup Off

Taking your makeup off gives your skin a chance to rest, and your pores a chance to breathe. Make sure you remove makeup before bed, or as soon as you get home for the day and try to have at least one day a week when you don’t wear any.

Look After Your Lips

Our lips are often neglected, but they are a delicate area that can get very dry in cold weather. Use a sugar scrub to remove dry skin and boost blood flow, and then a hydrating balm for extra protection.

Experiment With Colour

Looking after your skin and boosting circulation is a great start, but if you really want to glow this winter, you need to add some colour. Try a primer with added highlighter, or vitamin C, for a glowing base, and then try some bold new colours with your makeup for a festive look.

Over Christmas, it’s normal for you to need some extra TLC and a few treats. But, making sure you have a healthy and hydrating skincare routine, and that you are practising healthy habits, will help you to look and feel great.

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