Many people want to ensure privacy while traveling by car. That is why you should use special devices capable of jamming impulses and creating interference in the frequency ranges on which not only satellite equipment and GPS trackers operate but also bugs for wiretapping. To choose a suitable gps jammer, you need to consider many features and familiarize yourself with the available range of devices.

Features Of Work

Among the main features of the GPS, the jammer is its versatility. These devices can operate in different frequency ranges, providing complete driver privacy.

If the jammer is connected to the car’s power supply or the power is turned on, this allows for comprehensive coverage of various listening devices, providing jamming of signals. Even the most straightforward equipment can effectively block frequencies in the described range. The jammer’s operation should not affect cell phone functioning since mobile phones operate at different frequencies. But we mean only those devices in the GPS range, so you don’t have to worry about your phone working during the trip.

The jammer can work with mobile gadgets, depending on the chosen model. The devices are jamming the signal from your smartphone or network connection. This is because the universal signal blocker operates in all available bands, which increases the device’s efficiency.

Many devices can charge directly from the battery or a built-in source. The latter option makes universal blockers portable and used in other cars.

Criteria Of Choice

All modern devices differ in many characteristics. You should check these parameters:

  • The power of the signal blocker determines the range of its operation.
  • Frequency range. According to this indicator, it is calculated what type of impulses the device suppresses – GSM, GPS, etc.
  • A number of antennas and their type. Jammers with multiple antennas are often used.
  • Dimensions of the blocker and its power consumption. This parameter depends on the device’s characteristics. There are portable and stationary models.

Given these characteristics, you can choose the best device for blocking GPS signals. You can also see it here to select the right option for your needs.

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