Smartphones have made driving much easier, be it streaming interesting music and engaging audio or telling turn-by-turn directions and maps to destinations. But strong connectivity is important; otherwise, the phone might fall down, burning a hole in your pocket. If you lack access to proper connectivity, Carthing.Spotify.Con can be a temptation for you.   

Car Thing   

Car Thing is an accessory that clips to your dashboard and features a touch screen and dial pad to control and instruct its activity. It looks chic and is very convenient to use. Let’s get some in-depth insights into Carthing.Spotify.Con.  

Car Thing Design  

The car accessory resembles a small-sized mobile phone. It’s a plastic body of black color with a glass front panel of 3*5*1 inch. The touch screen is measured to be nearly 4 inches and 800*480 pixels. 

 A large rubber dial sits on it along with a little plastic button on the right. The Car Thing’s top edge constitutes five buttons and a four-pinhole mic.  

The Spotify logo and the watermark stick on the device’s left side. You can grab one for your car at Carthing.Spotify.Con.   

Overall, the body of the device looks chic and is made with precision fit and ultimate finish.   

Premium Screen Size  

Car Thing has an ideal screen size, neither too big nor too tiny. Additionally, the screen has sharp viewing angles and an intelligent screen, which adjusts automatically in context to dimming or brightening as per varying driving conditions. The loophole here is that you can’t use this screen wearing polarized sunglasses.  

Hardware Functions  

You will see a sequence of buttons on the Car Thing’s top that enables speedy and comfortable access to playlist shortcuts, settings, play, pause, and resume. These buttons are a little hard to press but clearly solve their purpose. If the buttons were bigger in size or at some other place, it would have been much easier to press.   

The Car Thing lacks any built-in audio output; power is supplied through a USB port on its backside. You can buy this advanced car device from Carthing.Spotify.Con, and fill your driving experience with a lot of fun and joy.  

Features Of Car Thing  

  • Easy to Setup  
  • Ad-free music experience.  
  • On-demand music player.  
  • The screen shows the current playing track.  
  • You can swipe to go to the next song.  
  • The voice feature lets you play any audio without getting distracted from driving.  

Setting Up Car Thing  

You need to get Spotify premium subscription to use it. There are various plans, and you can choose any accordingly. Also, only the car owner can buy this product. The Car Thing accessory is compatible with both Android and iOS. In addition, it can easily be used with Android Auto and CarPlay.  

When you plug in it for the first time, you will see a QR code you must scan using your phone. After that, it will direct you to the Spotify app and pair up via Bluetooth.   

You can also do it manually using the Spotify pairing code. Upon completion of configuration, you’ll be automatically connected to the Car Thing next time you power it on.  

Voice Feature Of Car Thing  

The gadget responds whenever someone says “Hey Spotify” and lets you play your favorite songs, playlists, and albums.   

Advantages Of Car Thing

  • Simple user interface  
  • Touchscreen  
  • Voice feature  
  • Shortcut buttons  
  • It comes with three kinds of car mounts  
  • A diverse range of songs and music  
  • Profound build quality  
  • Updated playlists  

Loopholes In Car Thing

  • Relies on the phone for audio output  

The Bottomline  

The Car Thing enables its users to enjoy a quick, easy and much-enhanced music streaming experience while driving their car. The biggest perk is that your phone will work fine on its own as there’s no restriction on its usage after pairing up with Car Thing.   

Get Car Thing from Carthing.Spotify.Con today as it gives you more control, ease, and comfort in listening to music while driving your car.   

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