The bike helmet is the single yet the most important safety equipment worn by the cyclist to protect their head. A helmet is very important, and you need to wear it whenever you are riding the bike, irrespective of how short or familiar the route is.

However, if you are reading this article, surely you are already on your way to purchase a helmet and do not need any further lecture on the fact that how important the helmet is.

So, let’s dive in on how to choose the best bike helmet.


Before buying a helmet, you should know the purpose as to why you are buying one and then choose accordingly. There are three categories of bike helmets:

  • Road Helmets

Road helmet, as the name suggests, is light and compact, which you use for riding around your home and some grocery shopping. However, the lighter it is, the more expensive it gets. Thanks to all the engineering methods it takes to keep the helmet light and still protect your head.

  • Mountain Bike Helmets

The Mountain Bike helmet has more coverage on the sides and back and is slightly on the heavier side. The mountains have sharp and rocky turns, which will not make the landing peaceful.

  • Commuter Helmets

These are colorful helmets that you can use for commuting around the town and doing some BMX tricks. They make you more visible in traffic and the rainy season. They have very little ventilation.


You can afford to buy a bicycle worth $ 5000; then you can do a great job protecting your head because you can buy a new bicycle but not a new head. Moreover, you need not spend a fortune when it comes to buying a bike helmet. A good quality certified helmet will cost between $ 50- $ 200, and it will protect your head in case of collision or accident. So, go for a good quality and certified helmet, irrespective of the cost.


The bike helmet should be fit in your head, and the straps attached to the helmet should be tight. The straps of the helmet should form a nice “V” under your earlobe and fit firmly under your chin, giving space for just one finger. Only then the bike helmet can be said to be a proper fit.

If the helmet is dangling off your head, then it will not serve its purpose right.

Technology & Features

With the invasion of technology, more new features are added to bike helmets each year. A helmet is designed to be lighter, cooler, and more aerodynamic. Not just that, helmets are now also available with headlights and action cameras. Along with all these features, magnetic buckles are another popular feature that is added to the helmet, making it easy to use while wearing gloves and also their ability to stay buckled during impact. Though these features add up to the helmet’s cost, it also makes the process of riding more exciting and safer.


With all the important factors like safety, function, and safety mentioned above, now let’s address another thing that is very important to look through when choosing a helmet is style. Who would not like to look stylish when riding a bike? A helmet becomes a part of the dress code while riding a bike, so why not choose a stylish one when choosing your clothes to be stylish. So, don’t hesitate to pick a helmet that makes you feel like a Rockstar.


Helmets are an important protection gear for your head, and it is not something that should be taken lightly. So, what are you waiting for? You got enough information on how to choose the right piece of a helmet. Grab one now!

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