Ostomy belts are used to support colostomies and ileostomies by retaining waste products. Ostomy belts are typically made of a lightweight material such as cotton or nylon. These belts can be worn over or under clothing and are easy to conceal. Ostomy belts come in various sizes and are made to fit individuals with either single or double stoma bags.

Several different materials are used to make ostomy belts depending upon the person’s specific needs. For example, colorectal surgeons often prefer cotton and nylon materials due to their ability to absorb moisture and their durability. The retention pouch should also have a high elastic strength to cause pain or discomfort when the belt is worn. Here the benefits of wearing an ostomy support belt.

Support Ostomy Pouch

It’s not uncommon for people with an ostomy to experience soreness, cramping, and even back pain. An ostomy support belt may be the answer to the problem. When ostomy surgery is complete, the individual must adjust to wearing a pouch. Ostomy pouches come in various sizes and consistencies, but regardless of which particular type is worn, there may be a need to empty the pouch several times each day. There is no need to worry about the stoma detaching or snagging as the belt keeps the pouch in place.

Comfortable To Wear

A stoma is a good investment for anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life. This is because the belt is designed with soft and flexible material. Most of the belts are made from organic materials that help with accommodating different body and muscle movements. There are minimal disruptions to life.

Reduces Chances Of Skin Rashes

Ostomy Belt is designed to provide support and comfort for individuals with ostomies. The belt offers a layer of protection against skin irritations caused by exposure to moisture, rubbing from clothing, and movement.

The belt also has a unique cross-back axis design that gives the wearer complete freedom in walking, sitting, bending, and rotation. The Ostomy Belt allows the wearer to normally move around without fear of the ostomy bag rubbing against the skin. The belt also eliminates the need to tuck the bag inside the pants.

The belt is constructed from moisture-wicking material that draws moisture away from the skin and allows air to circulate freely, keeping you drier and cooler than traditional ostomy products.

Improve Confidence

It can be challenging to adjust to dealing with a stoma and an ostomy pouch. It can take some time before getting used to the new situation. Having an ostomy belt secures the pouch in place and makes it discreet. You get to go about your normal activities without the feeling that something is holding you back.

Minimizes ‘Pancaking’

Pancaking can be embarrassing for people suffering from stomata. The condition is usually characterized by fecal matter surrounding the stoma opening. It can be a little awkward for men and women in casual wear. Wearing a stoma belt can prevent the feeling. Depending on the type of belt you go for, it can complement your style without feeling out of place.

Sizing & Fitting

Sizing and fitting for ostomy belts can be slightly difficult. Most suppliers provide clear instructions on what size to order, but it is still recommended to measure before ordering. To measure yourself, you need to know your waist measurement and your stoma tube’s length.

Many of the ostomy belts are constructed with hook and loop (Velcro) fasteners. These allow for easier clean-up when going to the bathroom. These belts also tend to outlast the other options with repeated washing and durability.

Over 15,000 ostomy patients in the US are reported to use ostomy support belts. Most of them say that they use an ostomy belt daily to relieve pressure and return their stability to normal. Although ostomy support belts have been around for a decade, there is still a lot of controversy about the proper usage.

Ostomy belts are specially designed to help restore the balance of pressure.

They also help maintain bowel motility and cleanliness by keeping the stool from moving back up into the ostomy—many people who wear an ostomy belt report excellent results even for extended periods. Shopping for ostomy belts online doesn’t have to be a challenging endeavor if you know what you’re looking for. Compare quality and prices before making a purchasing decision.

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