Do you possess an unparalleled adoration for music? If the answer is a gigantic yes, it might be worth thinking about taking that love and building a rewarding career out of it.

The music scene is not as impossibly unreachable as many people first imagine. In fact, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it might be easier to access than ever before.

Here are some handy tips to hopefully help you flourish and build a successful career as a DJ.

Do What You Love

Whatever your preferred genre of music might be: punk, trap, hip-hop, trance, house, gabber, or everything under the sun, it is worth sticking to what you love and always putting music at the heart of your endeavors.

This will not only strengthen your authenticity as a DJ, but will help you remember why you chose the route in the first place.

Get The Right Gear

DJs tend to love their tech. After all, it is where the music magic happens. Making sure you get yourself the right hardware and the best DJ software you can find ought to put you in good stead.

Theoretically, to complement your wonderful software, a good laptop and some versatile decks should be all you need to get the ball rolling.

You could even do away with most of the hardware entirely, provided you can work well with your laptop.


Learning how to make a good mix takes time. If you love music in general, this should be fairly easy once you come to terms with the technical basics.

Practice is essential in this area, however, so running through your sets and continuing to learn at every possible opportunity should be high on your list of priorities.

Build Your Setlists

Getting together a few killer setlists can help you get a feel for DJing, but it is worth bearing in mind that your ability to choose tracks and develop, remix, or reinvent them will likely define your identity as a DJ.

Do not be afraid to experiment in this area or branch out into other genres, as this can widen your perspective and train your ear.

Develop A Brand

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of the music industry. How will you find booking opportunities if no one can discover you?

Making your own website is a must for this, and since you are creating a setlist, it is worth showing your potential audience your talents first-hand.

Putting your mixes, tracks, and setlists on Soundcloud and Spotify can help you take a multichannel approach to building your brand.

Posting regular content previews or even entire tracks can keep your online presence feeling fresh and drive your audience engagement, particularly when you utilize social media to your advantage.

Take Classes

Online learning is a great way to pick up some DJing hints and tricks. YouTube has some great DJing and mixing tutorials, so it may be the perfect place to start if you want to keep an eye on your budget.

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