If you’re a movie addict and are wondering what it means to be a true film buff, do not fear; it’s not that hard. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Explore Different Genres

The wonderful aspect about films is that there are so many of them. To be a true film buff, you must be prepared to step outside your comfort zone, embrace all genres, and put on your film critic hat. Of course, you will always have your favorites, but without watching various styles, you will limit your ability to compare, contrast, and review.

You could start by researching the different styles and genres such as action, comedy, and thriller. You will discover that there are also subgenres within these, and it’s good to become familiar with them so you know exactly what you’re watching each time. It will be an essential point to understand when deconstructing and reviewing movies.

You should also explore independent films and indie movies that are created away from the mainstream film system.

Watch, & Watch Again!

Have you ever watched a film for the second or third time and discovered elements you didn’t notice during the first viewing? Watching a movie once rarely helps you fully understand the theme. If you are interested in dissecting movies and looking for hidden meanings and intricate details, you must watch that film several times.

To be a true film buff, you should observe everything about the film. This includes gathering information about the director. You should watch the movie and try to identify similarities with other films by the same director. Ask questions such as what influenced them in the making of the movie? What motivated them? Have they accomplished what they intended to? How was the casting? How did the plot develop? Who was the intended audience?

To fully answer the above questions, you must watch movies with different eyes. Ensure you are free from distractions and switch off other media so that you can concentrate. If needed, pause the film at specific points to jot ideas and points down as you notice them.

Post Reviews Or Create A YouTube channel

Modern technology has allowed many to embrace their hobbies and gain a faithful following on forums such as YouTube. If you’re passionate about film and want to share your enthusiasm with the world, you could set up a YouTube channel and share your knowledge with other film buffs. You could even decorate your background with movie-themed accessories. If you are a Star Wars enthusiast, why not purchase a Star Wars t shirt and decorate your surroundings with posters and lights. There are thousands of like-minded fans throughout the world, and you will likely get a substantial following.

Writing reviews is another great way to use your film knowledge. Read other film critics’ reviews to get an idea of the type of information that a typical review should include.

Gather information and include the director’s name, film release date, actor details, plot summary, and your observations.

Gain A Film-Related Qualification  

If you’re serious about film and want to take it to the next level, you could explore your options to study for a professional qualification. Many colleges offer film study courses that prepare you for university, where you could gain a BA in film studies or media.

Undergraduate degrees in film will teach you how to explore a wider range of films and various movies’ themes, ideas, and meanings. It will also teach you about the technical aspects such as camera work, photography, settings, and casting.

Whether you pursue a career in film or enjoy it as a hobby, studying film is a great way to gain knowledge about people and motivation, which helps keep the mind open, an essential trait in today’s world.

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