It goes without saying that COVID-19 has greatly impacted our lifestyle. From our routine lifestyle to the way we conduct our businesses to other professional responsibilities, everything faced drastic changes. The effects of the global pandemic haven’t been limited to certain fields of life, every industry suffered the impact, including the interior design sector.

The perception of living spaces should be designed has changed. People now prefer bigger, spacious homes, and modern interior design trends reflect the same. On this note, let’s take a look at how the recent pandemic has changed the interior design industry:

Neutral Tones

People are now opting for neutral tones than ever. Not only in paints but accessories and other articles as well. For example, take a look at the latest kitchen cabinets for sale, you would see that the most demanded ones are modern but have a more of a neutral tone.

The reason why people are preferring items having neutral tones is that they give living space a rather spacious look. Since not everyone can afford a big home, it’s due to these hacks people make their residences look spacious.

Neutral tones also allow residents to personalize the home the way they desire to. With bold colours, the choices are rather limited.

Minimalistic Approach

Another change that has brought over by the global pandemic in interior design is the preference for a minimalistic approach. It was also in trend before the COVID-19 entered our lives, but became even more common in current times.

The reason for this approach, in the current times, is the same – making smaller homes spacious. People are now getting rid of their older items to create more space. They only have the stuff they require for basic needs. Even when it comes to décor items, people prefer the ones that go with the minimalist approach. Purchasing designs, in this regard, have become more thoughtful and well-planned. Most people now tend to stay away from compulsive buying behaviour. This is also due to the fact that purchasing power has been adversely impacted due to salary cuts, layoffs, reduced revenues, etc.

Talking about décor items, the trend of buying used products has also gained fame. This is again due to the decreased purchasing power. Furthermore, the growing trend of using recycled products to reduce carbon footprints has also played its part. The same can be said when it comes to buying furniture articles.

Everything’s Virtual

This is more of the way interior designers work rather than how they design the interiors of a home. They now give their clients a virtual walkthrough of the home with their choice of interior design. This allows them to visualize how their home would look once it is fully designed. The emergence and use of this trend have made things a lot easier for both the designer and the client.

For example, some ideas look so appealing on paper. But they aren’t as appealing when they are implemented. Thus, changed have to be made. This is a hassle faced by both parties involved. With virtual walkthroughs, this issue is eliminated. If the client desires a change, it is notified to the design team in the initial stages. Thus, modifications, be it bigger or smaller, are easy to accommodate.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, trends come and go. However, the changes brought over by the global pandemic are here to stay for a while. Although the vaccine is here, but still it is going to take some time for life to return the way it was prior to the pandemic.

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