The cost of security guard training will vary depending on several different factors. Those factors include the location, company, level of training and the legislative requirements. To learn more about these factors, continue reading the information presented by below.

The Factors That Influence The Cost Of Security Guard Training


The location of your security guard training will influence the cost. Different provinces have different requirements for their security personnel, and training them may require different parameters, like physical defence or the proper method of defusing a situation.


The company that offers security guard training will also influence the cost of the service. Much like the specific requirements of your location, the company providing the training may have their own specific requirements. These could include additional education about equipment or scenarios or instruction in practices specific to the company. It is worth noting that the latter of these options may apply more to in-house training than provincial certification.

Level Of Training

Depending on the jurisdiction, different levels of training may influence the cost. For example, in Alberta, there is a program for training with security batons that is entirely independent of the security guard training program. This would mean that additional funds would need to be paid to get this level of training, increasing the cost.

Steps Involved

Most security training programs are not a single step. In fact, the common process is a training course followed by a standardized examination, which is itself followed by a licensing and registration fee. Similarly, the cost of the training program may vary depending on whether or not it is taught in person. Typically, online training comes with lower costs. The costs of the examination and licensing are generally consistent for all individuals.

Provincial Requirements

As we’ve alluded to above, the province you take security guard training in will influence the cost. Some provinces have extra steps or requirements not present in others, and there may be historical rulings that have made the process more complex or regular. As a result, security guard training costs should always be examined in detail and for the area in which the training will occur. Using information from another province or location leads to risks with programs being unavailable or costs changing unexpectedly.

The Cost Of Security Guard Training

As you can see, the factors mentioned above can influence the cost of security guard training significantly. With that in mind, here are some of the costs you might find while doing research for your own knowledge.

Alberta Training Costs

The costs of security training in Alberta are $220 plus GST. This course includes a course manual, video-based exercises, topic discussions and various demonstrations of common tactics.

Ontario Training Costs

The cost of training in Ontario is often higher than in Alberta. One pricing example cites the licensing process between $315 and $460, which will likely also include relevant taxes.

Saskatchewan Training Costs

Much like the other provinces we have discussed thus far, Saskatchewan sets a rate for their security guard training. This rate starts at $199 and may be influenced by any number of the factors we discussed above.

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