Calacatta Marble is the most sought after variety of natural stone thanks to its superb white backdrop and distinct, deep grey veining. This luxurious marble creates a strong impact in the bathroom, creating a luxe and elegant vibe in the space while also being the perfect fit for a truly timeless colour palette. There are several factors to explore when making your material selections for the bathroom from where each material is best suited to the correct care and maintenance techniques that will ensure your new marble tiles will stand up well against the humid environment of the bathroom.

What Is Calacatta Marble?

Calacatta Marble is a luxurious natural stone that is specifically quarried in Carrara, Italy. Calacatta marbles will feature a luscious and crisp white background with bold, striking, well defined veins running throughout the stone. Considered to be the most opulent and rare type of marble, Calacatta stone will usually fetch a higher price tag in comparison to other natural marbles.

What Is The Difference Between Carrara & Calacatta Marble?

Often confused due to the similarities in their naming as well as their place of origin, Carrara and Calacatta marbles do have certain key differences that are important to note during the selection process of your natural stone finishes. Although both stones are quarried in Italy, there are not only differences in their appearance but also in their overall look. Carrara marble will usually show a grey undertone in contrast to the crisper white seen in a natural Calacatta marble. The veins in Carrara marble are also less defined than those seen in Calacatta marbles with more of a smoky look. Carrara marble is the most common type of marble being easier to source in comparison to other types of natural stone and as such, you will find that this is also the more affordable option of the two.

Calacatta Marble Subway Tiles

Marble subway tiles are an especially popular option, offering the timeless appeal of not only the natural stone itself but also the ever trending subway format. This tile format has remained a favourite option for the bathroom over the years as it allows for a variety of different styles to be achieved. Aside from the traditional brick bond layout of subway tiles, you can also opt to run your tiles vertically up the wall or across the wall in a stacked pattern for a different look that offers a more modern aesthetic.

Can I Use Marble Tiles In The Shower?

Yes! Natural marble tiles can be used in the shower provided the surface of the tiles and grout lines are treated with care to ensure their longevity. It is important to maintain a clean shower area to avoid soap residue from sitting on the surface for too long; a quick rinse after your daily shower is the best way to ensure a clean and tidy space. Treat your marble shower tiles with appropriate cleaning products and ensure regular sealing of the tiles to keep them in the very best condition over time. Sealing will ensure any surface dirt or grime does not penetrate into the porous material as this can lead to staining or discolouring of the stone so it is important to seal your shower tiles every few years or so throughout their lifespan.

Calacatta Marble tiles can be used as a luxurious shower floor or wall tile; another way to incorporate this natural stone in your new shower is to consider using marble mosaic tiles to create a striking and timeless feature element in the space. Thanks to their smaller shape, mosaic tiles offer the flexibility to be wrapped around curved surfaces or used to decorate smaller spaces such as shower niches for example, making for a unique and stylish design element in the bathroom.

Caring For Calacatta Marble Bathroom Tiles

As noted above, caring for your new marble bathroom tiles is essential to ensuring their longevity in the humid and often messy environment of the bathroom. As the material is porous, these tiles can be susceptible to staining or discolouring if not properly sealed at regular intervals so it is crucial to ensure your tiles are properly sealed every few years or so. This process will prevent any surface spills or dirt from seeping into the pores of the tiles, protecting them from damage. Regular cleaning of your marble bathroom tiles is simple; using a mixture of mild soap and warm water, a quick mop across your floor tiles and a gentle wipe of your wall tiles will keep them looking their best. For added peace of mind, most good tile or hardware stores will stock a range of specialised cleaning products that will include a small amount of sealant within them; using these types of cleaners on a regular basis will help to extend the time in between professional sealing of your marble bathroom tiles.

This opulent material can be used throughout your new bathroom design in a variety of ways from floor or wall tile options to vanity benchtops as well as in the creation of key feature elements such as custom made bathroom hobs or marble mosaic patterns in your shower niche or splashback for example. A timeless and elegant material, Calacatta Marble will never fade from style making it an excellent choice for use in the bathroom to create the ultimate in luxury designs!

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