We tend to fall in love with the places we live in one way or another, your childhood home now seems like a fabled castle of yore, even the draughty attic room you rented back in university days brings back fond memories of simpler times. Now that we are older and have lived in a home of our own for a number of years, we tend to grow attached to it despite its small imperfections, It’s become comfortable, and we know every nook and cranny like the back of our hand. Even so, life moves on and sometimes we have to move with it, our careers or family duties call us on to some distant locale and we have to part ways with our old house as we put it up for sale on the market, and hopefully get a good deal on it since that money will be needed to help finish funding the new abode.

And so, we begin to pack up and prepare to leave, watching our collection of furniture being evacuated from the spaces they have occupied for so long, the pictures come down from the walls where we have gazed at them with pleasure over the years, and so on until we stand in an empty shell that was once our home. It can be a bit depressing, but we can take some solace in knowing that some new family will eventually call it their home, and you hope they find as much happiness as you did there. The thing is, without the things that made it your home it’s so barren, how will you make potential buyers understand how nice a place it is once it’s lived in? Fortunately, there is an answer, all you need to do is enlist the services of your local home staging professionals to bring their art and expertise to make the place back into an immersive environment designed to draw your buyers in and inspire them to want to live there themselves!

The concept sounds a bit strange at first, why not just put the place up for sale whilst all your neat, and even valuable possessions are still in place? The thing is, as nice as your decor may be, it’s your decor, suited to you and your family, but not so much to potential purchasers. Real estate agents will agree that professional staging almost always helps a home sell faster, and usually for a higher price, offering you a larger return on the investment!

So, what do home stagers do? They bring in a special selection of furniture and accessories matched to tried and true colour palettes that attract the eye to create the model of a luxurious and highly attractive lived-in home that is calculated to psychologically make people envision themselves inhabiting it! Some buyers even keep the place as is!

Just bear in mind the government tax office will be interested in that windfall that will come from selling your professionally staged home!

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