While some weeds are not so much dangerous for your crops, other types of weeds can destruct your crop. You can easily identify the invasive weeds as they have different colors, textures, and growth habits. These weeds can overtake your lawn or yard and make your garden sparse and unattractive. Some weeds can be harmful to you and your pets as they can cause allergies or specific diseases.

In this post, we shall discuss how weed affects your yard or garden. Please continue reading to know these harmful effects.

What Is A Weed?

Weeds are generally plants that can’t be taken as food, nutrition, or medicine. They have enhanced growth patterns and often leave their seeds to conserve their kind. Weeds are often poisonous and can cause serious illness if eaten, taste bad, and it is difficult to remove them as they have thorns and specific physical features.

How Does It Affect Your Yard?

There are many ways in which weeds can affect your yard. Please find out how it affects the crops below.

They Compete For Space

Weeds are popularly known for competing for space with plants, flowers, and crops of your field. Weeds can be devastating for your yard if not kept in check as they keep the potential to take over areas outside of their natural habitat.

Weeds also play a major role in killing neighboring plants as animals, diseases, insects, and local wildlife stay away from something unfamiliar to them. For example, an insect would choose your healthy plant instead of eating weeds because it is not familiar with the weed.

Compete For Nutrients

When it comes to nutrition, weed competes with flowers, grasses, fruits, and vegetable plants for sunlight, water, and nutrients. While it competes for essential things for its survival, it leaves non-weed plants staving.

The loss of essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus leaves non-weed plants weak and prone to diseases and insect infestation. As we have mentioned before that weeds grow faster than non-weed plants, they often suck out most nutrients from the soil and create imbalance.

Due to the lack of nutrients, it often shows abnormal color, fruits, and flower growth. Sometimes, destructive weeds can kill your plants and overtake your lawn.

They Act As Parasites

Sometimes, plants that are not considered a weed in the true sense can also destroy your garden. These parasitic plants can attach themselves with neighboring plants and suck their nutrients. While these are either root or stem parasites, root variety is more common. For example, the Viscum album, also known as Mistletoe, attaches itself to the host plant and suck out its water and other nutrients.

The Final Words

According to the Directorate of Weed Research, multiple types of weed range from non-dangerous to destructible. While it is difficult to remove them from your yard with hands, you can control weed in your lawn by mulching and by eradicating all the spaces in which they can grow.

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