If you’re able to successfully connect your device to your TV with a Micro USB to HDMI adapter, all based on if they are MHL-supported or not. An MHL adapter can join only when your tv and your phone support MHL. Presently, lots of the high-end brands of Android smartphones and tablets are well-matched with MHL.

However, to set up the connection effectively, you’re required to check if both your tv and your phone are MHL-allowed by going to the official MHL website.

If you discover that your TV or other monitor device isn’t on the list, you can still display the content from your phone on it. The area is that the Micro USB to HDMI adapter you use requires an added port on which your power-providing device’s Micro USB plug can be plugged in, resulting in enough charging to your handset. In addition, you cannot use your TV’s remote to control your handset if your TV isn’t MHL-supported.

If you’re using an Apple device, then you’ll discover that your iPhone or other iOS device isn’t on the list of MHL-allowed mobile devices. The iOS devices don’t have the output compatible with the default Micro USB to HDMI adapter. But luckily, any iOS device with a Lightning port (the majority of the newer iOS devices) can connect to the MHL adapter by connecting to the Lightning Adapter. The Apple user with a Lightning port can be connected to a Lightning adapter initially. Later it can be connected to the MHL converter by connecting the Micro USB plug on the MHL adapter to the connected Lightning adapter.

Learn To Connect Your Micro USB To HDMI TV

Now you must try to connect your handset to your HDMI TV in haste. But don’t be too worried. All you must do initially to ensure both your devices are compatible with the Micro USB to HDMI adapter. You are then buying one adapter if you don’t have one. Lastly, ensure you have an HDMI cable available. If you don’t, you should buy one. After ensuring that everything required is available, follow the suggestions given below step by step and learn to connect your phone to your TV via a Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Step 1: Switch on one side of your HDMI cable into the back of your Television. The HDMI port on your Television is usually trapezoid-shaped. after recognizing the right port, you must pay attention.

Step 2: Plug in the other side of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Step 3: Attach the small plug on the opposite end of your Micro USB to HDMI converter to the Micro-USB port on your handset.

Step 4: Turn on your Television.

Step 5: Then shift the input of your Television to the correct HDMI port. (basically press the “Input” button on the side of your Television).

Then, all you require to do is wait for your handset’s screen to display on your Television. When it successfully shows, you’re able to stream your favorite shows and movies in high-definition, relish the music you like with immersive sound quality as well as playing the games with no lag on your big-screen Television.

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