Having no contact with your close friend, family member, long lost love is most of the time sorrowful and upsetting emotionally. There may be circumstances behind the loss of a close friend or a relative or a formal love. Knowing the recent information and the last known -contact information helps the private investigator to find someone in the shortest period. You should contact the local police or Sydney Pi when the disappearance is suspect of foul play.

Depending upon the state, the officials will not accept a missing person report for 24 to 48 hours and at times they wait for 72 hours after the time the person was last seen or heard from. If you suspect foul play, then you can hire private investigators AU to find that person irrespective of the situation. A private investigator increases your chances of finding the missing one.

Hiring a private detective to search for someone who does not want to be found has serious challenges. The assignment becomes extremely difficult if only a name is known and nothing else like date of birth or social security number. Another challenging investigation involves finding biological parents of adopted children. A number of private investigators specialise in this area. Dealing with missing persons that had their name changed legally also show some challenges. Different strategies have to be taken while dealing with such cases. Below are mentioned some ways performed by private investigators to find someone.

1. Entering The Individual’s Name In Proprietary Databases: This only allows law enforcement and licensed private detectives access. If the individual’s name is common such as John Adams, it may need hundreds if not thousands of names to be searched for clues showing which one of them is the right, John Adams.

2. Going Door To Door: Going door to door, school to school or talking with neighbours, co-workers, students at the person’s last known job is mostly required to get intelligence on to wear the missing person may be. This method may take hours, days or weeks.

3. Interviewing Acquaintances Of The Subject: This is always helpful. The strategy is to get any possible lead as to where the subject of Investigation may be.

4. Reviewing All Social Media Content: This is helpful in getting recent leads. Cell phone records may be very useful if available. If not, a lawyer can summon the cell phone provider for the record.

5. If Many Hours And Days Have Passed: If too much time has passed, approaching the news media can be helpful especially when you offer a reward.


 If you wish to locate a lost love, a family member, a close friend, biological parent, a child or anyone you need to get in touch with, then contact a private investigation company. Sydney Pi has an excellent record of success locating people. They will explain everything they will do to succeed in the investigation.

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