If you want to make some extra bucks while you are still studying, there are many online jobs for students that make a great side hustle. Thanks to technology, you can take advantage of your computer and the internet to find a great paying job online. This can help with your living expenses, tuition money, and other school projects. The best part, you can even get clients from across the globe.

An online job will give you the flexibility to work around your class schedule. The number of hours you put in can depend on your free hours. Should you be wondering what kind of online job you can apply for as a student, consider the positions below. Whether it’s to tutor students online or make money on social media, you will improve your skills, build your network, and beef up your resume. Let’s get started.

Online Tutorial Services

As an ace college student, you can offer your tutoring services online. You can find direct clients via craigslist, tutoring websites, referrals, and community boards. You can tutor fellow college students who are struggling with their courses, overseas clients who are learning to speak English, or high school and elementary students who need help.

With your skills, you can help them review their lessons, craft exams, and aid in giving master checks. Everyone around the world can actually be your client because technology bridges time and distance.

Search Engine Evaluator

Today, there are almost 5 billion people with a mobile phone. When people have queries, the first thing they do is Google for an answer. Because of this, top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing depend so much on user feedback to update their algorithms. This allows them to serve their visitors better.

You could be a paid evaluator who fills out the feedback forms that enable these search engines to know how they can improve. Pay is quite lucrative for such a flexible job.

Social Media Management

Consider those mobile phone statistics, and with each phone, there are at least two social media apps installed. Because of this, the companies are in dire need of social media managers to help them with their Facebook, IG, Snapchat, Twitter, and/ or LinkedIn accounts.

If you are crafty at making witty posts that get a lot of likes, shares, and comments, apply for an online social media management position. This fun job allows you to create posts and engage with clients to make money on social media. Most of all, you will be learning a lot about building brand image awareness for a company.

Content Writing

One of the best online jobs for students is content writing. If you have a gift of language, a lot of companies are looking for freelance jobs to do their copywriting. Apart from that, there are blog posts, video scripts, infographics, manuals, and more to accomplish. There is a massive need for writers now because businesses want to build a good reputation with their clients. They want to provide daily engagement to build trust with their target audience. The only way this can be done is through top quality content that you can provide.

Resume Creator

Most people struggle talking about themselves, so they hate writing their own resumes. However, companies require this vital document so people can apply for a job. If you happen to be a skilled wordsmith, you can help people with their resumes. All it takes is highlighting their accomplishments and showing skills that can provide value for others. This is a pretty lucrative online side hustle that won’t stress you out much. It is neither labor-intensive nor mind-numbing! Go for it.

Graphic Designer

If you’ve got mad artistic skills, then it is time to optimize your artsy talent by offering your graphic designing skills. Just like word content, there are a lot of visual needs in today’s world which is obsessed with getting information online. You can be a freelance web designer that styles company websites. You can also do company logos, digital signages, menus, flyers, business cards, and more.

The sky’s the limit to your imagination. If you are good with the audio-visual component, you can level up your design business and craft videos, too. Amidst today’s competition, companies want to stand out from their competition. One way to do that is through amazing visual content that catches the eyes.


This is a relatively easy job that will earn you loads of money. But you need a fair amount of time because you will be listening to a lot of audio recordings. Then you have to transcribe what has been said, word-to-word. You must be precise and accurate with minimal mistakes. You also need fast typing skills so you can earn more per hour. It may be tedious work, but it won’t require too much mental load. If you just want a repetitive job that doesn’t require critical thinking, then this is a good one.

Final Word

This is not even an exhaustive list, but as you can see, there are many jobs out there for you. Just because you’re a college student, it doesn’t mean you should only be stuck with part-time retail jobs. With the internet, there is so much to do. More and more companies allow remote jobs and actually prefer freelancers. If you have a capable computer and a stable internet connection, you can certainly work from home and earn money in your free time.

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