English is a language that is useful in our daily communication. It is a global language. If you want to travel across the world, knowing the English language will be highly beneficial for you. English literature comprises prose, poems, fiction and many more. It is a vast subject that covers literature from all parts of the world. Class 7 English comprises poems and prose written by different authors. English will help you to enhance your thought process, reasoning ability and creative thinking. It is a culturally rich subject. You will enjoy the prose and the poems. Class 7 English syllabus can be divided into three parts:

  1. Class 7 English Textbook Honey Comb
  2. Class 7 Supplementary Reader, An Alien Hand
  3. Class 7 English Grammar

The different prose in Honey Comb are given below:

Chapter 1: Three Questions

Chapter 2: A Gift of Chappals

Chapter 3: Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

Chapter 4: The Ashes that Made Trees Bloom

Chapter 5: Quality

Chapter 6: Expert Detectives

Chapter 7: The Invention of Vita-Wonk

Chapter 8: Fire Friend and Foe

Chapter 9: A Bicycle in Good Repair

Chapter 10: The Story of Cricket

The different poems in Honey Comb are given below:

Chapter 1: The Squirrel

Chapter 2: The Rebel

Chapter3: The Shed

Chapter 4: Chivvy

Chapter 5: Trees

Chapter 6: Mystery of the Talking Fan

Chapter 7: Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Chapter 8: Meadow Surprises

Chapter 9: Garden Snake

The different chapters included in the book Alien Hand are given below:

Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher

Chapter 2: Bringing Up Kari

Chapter3: The Desert

Chapter 4: The Cop and the Anthem

Chapter 5: Golu Grows A Nose

Chapter 6: I want something in The Cage

Chapter 7: Chandni

Chapter 8: The Bear Story

Chapter 9: A Tiger In The House

Chapter 10: An Alien Hand

The syllabus of Class 7 English grammar comprises of:

  1. Determiners
  2. Linking Words
  3. Adverbs
  4. Tense forms
  5. Clauses
  6. Passivisation
  7. Adjectives
  8. Modal Auxiliaries
  9. Word order in sentence types
  10. Reported speech

Some Tips To Score well in your class 7 English exam are:

Read The NCERT Textbooks

You should read your class 7 English textbooks thoroughly before your exam. Go through each and every chapter properly. It will make you well-versed with the textbook. You will be able to gain in-depth knowledge of the chapters. Underline the important lines. It will help you to learn new words as well.

Learn The Syllabus

At the beginning of your academic session, learn the syllabus. Going through the syllabus will give you a brief overview of the subject. You will be able to plan your timetable according to the syllabus. This will give you an idea of how to cover the syllabus within the given time.

Practice Grammar

Grammar is the most scoring topic of English subjects. If your answers are correct, you will score full marks. Your examiner will not deduct any mark from your answer. If you want to score well in your English exam, you should not make any grammatical errors. Learn the rules of grammar, so that you can easily write the answers without any grammatical errors. In order to improve your grammar, you should read your books properly. You should know how to frame the sentences properly. If your sentences are grammatically correct, you will score good marks in your exam.

Practice Writing

Good writing is the key to score well in your English exam. It is important to practice writing every day in order to improve your writing skills. Practice writing answers on your own. Try to introduce new words in your answer to enhance your vocabulary. Your writing should be to the point. Writing on a regular basis will also enhance your writing speed.


If you follow a proper timetable, you will surely step towards success. Studying in a systematic and disciplined way will help you to complete the syllabus on time. Make a timetable and follow it religiously till the day before the exam. This will help you to a large extent. Try to cover a chapter every day, only then you will be able to complete the syllabus within a short time. You should prepare a timetable according to your convenience. It will help you not to lose track while preparing for your exam. You will also be able to keep a record.


Revision is important before your exam. You should thoroughly revise the chapters properly before your exam. If you do not revise the notes, you may forget them or be unable to recall them during your exam. Try to revise the notes every day so that you do not find any difficulty before your exam.

Prepare Notes

Preparing notes will save you time. You can easily revise the notes before the exam. Complete writing notes few days before the exam. You can write summaries on the prose or poems. Preparing notes on your own will also improve your writing skills.

Sample Papers

If you want to test the level of your preparation, you can solve the sample papers. You can also take the help of ncert English book class 7 solutions pdf. There are many practice series available in the NCERT solutions book. Solving the sample papers and previous year question papers will give you confidence. If you have gone through the sample papers properly, you will be able to answer the difficult questions without any problem.

Time Management

During your exam, you should spend too much time on a single answer. Try to answer the long questions first, and then go for the short ones. This will save your time. You will be able to answer all the questions within the allocated time.

If your class 7 English exam is approaching, these tips will help you to excel in your exam. Be confident and stay motivated, so that you can overcome any obstacle during your exam preparation.

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