Building an AR-15 from scratch is exciting and rewarding at the same time. But with constructing one comes the trouble of learning about things, such as gun lingo and minute part assembly. The good thing is that you do not have to worry about all of that, save one. Today we will learn about 80 lower jigs – the component that has quite the reputation of confusing people. You will find out why in a moment.

So What Is An 80 Lower Jig?

We get it. The name kind of sounds like something from a Star Trek episode. But the truth about the component is far from science fiction. An 80 lower jig is a kind of receiver blank that functions as a crucial piece for you to build an AR-15. A receiver blank component acts as a frame that houses numerous firearm action components. These blanks are not complete and do not come with a serial number. That means you have to finish one before you can use it. That is where an 80 lower jig will offer some assistance. The lower jig acts as a stencil – you can utilize it to complete the receiver overall. All you have to do is make some minute and detailed cutting to finish the part.

The Pros & Cons

An 80 lower jig is paramount if you want to see that rifle work someday. But the component has more to offer than being a piece of metal. Check out some of the pros:

  • Using an 80 lower jig is not complicated at all. All you have to do is follow the cutting and finishing instructions.
  • A stripped receiver is technically a firearm. But an 80 lower jig is not. You will have no issues with licensing and legalities with having one.
  • Purchasing a lower jig comes with a special instruction manual that is easy to follow.
  • An 80 lower jig is not that expensive. You can even look around in catalogs and shops to get discounts.

As for the cons:

  • Power tools are a must if you want to finish the receiver.
  • Some jigs from shops and outlets might not have correct designs. They will mess up your rifle building if you do not make a check before using them.
  • There is a chance of damaging the jig if you do not follow the instructions properly.
  • 80 lower jigs are not compatible with other weapon systems.

As For Legality Issues

An 80 lower jig is not – we repeat – a firearm. This aspect is what confuses a lot of individuals, especially those who are starting with their gun collection or hobby. Thus, an FFL or Federal Firearms License is not mandatory. That is one benefit from utilizing such a firearm component. But you will have to check in with local authorities before purchasing one. As there are states that might have different regulations when it comes to building and owning weapons, especially something as complicated as an AR-15.


An FFL or federal firearm license is a form of documentation you get from related entities, licensee industries, or business concerns that conduct firearm trade and selling. There are a plethora of different FFLs that serve various purposes. They also provide restrictions and purchase authorization.

Talking About Costs

You better not believe those posts about jigs and other AR-15 components being too expensive. It would be beneficial to do your research, especially when it involves money and purchases. An 80 lower jig will not cost an arm and leg. There are outlets that sell one for not more than 100 dollars. Some might even sell them for less. If you want to find sweet deals, you can head online.

Buying Online

Not only will you find decent purchase deals and discounts. You will see numerous lower jigs and other rifle components that might pique your interest. Are you interested? Why not visit to buy accessories for your gun? In addition, buying online has a ton of benefits:

  • You can have a company ship the item to your doorstep
  • Shopping online is convenient – you can do it at home
  • No need to travel
  • Save on some gas money and transportation expenses
  • You can also request a company to pack the item anonymously

Rifle Your Heart Away

Getting your hands on an 80 lower jig is one step further to finishing that precious pistol or AR-15 you have always dreamt of having. These components are not a burden to your wallet. Plus, the best thing about them is that you do not need any federal license to purchase and work on one, unlike other firearm pieces.

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