In ancient times, people from India had believed that eating the Nilgiri Langur’s flesh or drinking the blood of the snake could boost their sexual vigor. There was also another belief about having the testicles of a goat boiled in milk for consumption which can help in increasing their libido.

Aphrodisiacs are important especially for men. It allows them in overcoming the issues concerning procreation, infertility and other sexual inadequacies.

More than gratification and pleasure, procreation was part of their moral obligations – an important duty to be carried out in relation with their religious obligations.

Certain herbs and spices contain an aphrodisiac effects. It plays an important role for setting and enhancing their sexual moods. Their common denominator is the existence of amino acids within them.

This article will talk about the some effective herbs & spices which can support you in increasing your sexual power, allowing you and your partner to have an enjoyable time together.

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1. Garlic

GarlicThere is just so much a garlic can offer you. It goes beyond the garlic’s culinary and medicinal purposes. Without a doubt, garlic can effectively increase your sexual power.

Garlic has been dubbed as “hot” spice which can drive you quite aggressive sexually. This herb contains a diallyl disulfide component which plays a role in increasing the testosterone levels of men.

Consuming garlic can exceptionally enhance your sexual performance which may increase the chances of having a successful procreational rites between men and women.

Unfortunately, the scriptures contain little information about the last line. Should the garlic be eaten directly or as part of a dish? Well, that might just be a minor problem, don’t you think?

Remember that despite its small size, it can provide you with so much sexual power, allowing you to perform very well due to its aphrodisiac effects.

2. Ashwagandha

In ancient times, Ashwagandha has been linked deeply as a celestial nymph. Conquests were organized to search for this mysterious thing. Unfortunately for then, it was just another common plant.

Ashwagandha has several common names which includes poison gooseberry and winter cherry. The roots of this plant has been used for medicinal purposes.

In Sanskrit, the name “Ashwagandha” can be directly translated as “the horse’s smell”. Ironically speaking, the smell of its roots can be likened to the horse’s urine.

But despite all that, Ashwagandha can provide you with enough sexual vigor as it is ultimately packed with powerful aphrodisiac properties. It provides the user enough stamina and strength which can be exaggeratedly compared to a powerful horse.

Having Ashwagandha allows you to have a perfect sexual performance which lets you and your partner enjoy the long night. It plays a crucial role for supporting the fertility of men which can lead to the success of a procreational rites.

If you prefer using Ashwagandha, it is advisable to mix it well with other food or drinks to somehow lessen or eliminate its bitter taste when taken directly. Doing so will allow you to consume it a lot easier.

Ashwagandha can be paired well with different food which can compliment their aphrodisiac effects. A combination of Ashwagandha and Shatavari can enhance the fertility of men.

On the other hand, a combination of milk, Ashwagandha and a pinch of nutmeg can serve either as an aphrodisiac drink or as an aid for having a good sleep at night.

3. Cinnamon


Cinnamon has been widely popular for its aphrodisiac properties. Its invigorating, sweet and mild scent can support you in building up the sexual moods between you and your partner.

Based on several ancient Indian and Chinese scriptures, Cinnamon has been considered as the only natural sexual stimulant which was also recognized as a medicine for improving the blood circulation around both the female and male genitals. On that note, it can potentially promote sexual arousal for both genders.

Aside from improving your appetite, consuming Cinnamon can relatively heat up your body which can aggressively increase your sexual vigor and drive. It can also increase its aphrodisiac effects when combined with honey.

If you want to have a great sexual performance with your partner, try having Cinnamon to stimulate your sexual moods.

4. Methi (Fenugreek)

According to Ancient India, Ashwagandha is for men while Methi is for women. Methi has been known for helping increase the milk supply of nursing mothers.

Aside from that, Methi has a powerful aphrodisiac source for women. Fenugreek Seeds are said to synthesize various sex hormones in women which are responsible for the enlargement of their breasts.

The seeds contain phytoestrogen which helps women not only for enlarging their breasts but also for boosting their sexual libido.

Moreover, a study conducted in 2011 suggested that Methi can also aid men with low libido in enhancing their sexual vigor and drive. For women, specifically in their pre-menopausal stage, Methi can help them improve their sexual functions which includes lubrication, arousal and satisfaction. These claims were backed by Dr. Krychman and Dr. West.

5. Kira Jari

kira jariIf you prefer an aphrodisiac with exotic feel, then try using Kira Jari. This type of aphrodisiac is found on the larvae of a caterpillar.

For countries such as Tibet, Nepal and China, Kira Jari has been collected for several years as it fetched a high price. The existence of this aphrodisiac have also been discovered along Bemni Village situated in Uttarakhand which leads to tight competitions among the sellers.

Kira Jari is quite popular due to its aphrodisiac effects. Relatively, the demand for this exotic aphrodisiac had potentially increased which proves its effectiveness for aggressively improving an individual’s sexual vigor and vitality.


For men, having a strong stamina and sexual power can relieve their insecurities when it comes to their sexual performance. It is a symbol for their masculinity, vitality and vigor.

Aphrodisiacs are crucial for their quests when it comes with overcoming several sexual issues while accomplishing their moral obligations.

Being fertile is important for both men and women which is why having aphrodisiacs has been proven to exceptionally enhance and improve their fertility and sexual vigor.

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