Do you know a local foster family from school, church, or the community? Have you ever considered helping them but were unsure of what to offer? The truth is that everyone is uniquely positioned to engage with foster parents in one way or another.

In fact, the ways you can support these families are only limited by your imagination. There are many ways you can enhance things you’re already doing or want to start. We’ve compiled a list of helpful ways to support local foster families; check it out below:

Food Or Snacks

If you love to cook or simply adore the grocery store, these are easy ways to bless a foster family. Offering them a healthy meal helps alleviate time spent cooking and shopping for groceries.

An easy way to lend support is by arranging one night per week or month where you cook dinner or buy groceries for the family.


Do you love creating memories and fun? The truth is that many children in foster care have few people outside of their foster parents to show love and admiration during life’s milestones.

This can be in the form of hosting a graduation party or large birthday celebration full of balloons, snacks, and special gifts. It’s a small gesture that’s a lot of fun and makes a big difference in showing a foster child they’re worth celebrating.


When summer break begins, giving foster parents and kids something to look forward to provides hope, so consider sponsoring a summer activity or camp for a local family. The best way to accomplish this is to connect with a community recreation center, advocacy group, or social worker to learn more about sponsoring specific events such as art, sports, or theatre. Simply covering the costs associated with these activities provides an experience they won’t forget.

Home Repairs Or Cleaning

Every home needs repairs and deep cleaning every now and then. Home maintenance encompasses everything from electrical and plumbing to landscaping and carpentry. Supporting a local foster parent in meeting the needs of maintaining a clean and repair-free home will be a small gesture that’s greatly appreciated.

One great option here is to hire a monthly cleaning company or semi-annual gutter cleanings, as these services lessen the burden on the foster parent and help provide the kids with a happy and healthy environment.

Life Skills

Are you great with creating budgets, shopping for healthy foods, or educating youth? If so, consider donating your time and skills toward enriching the lives of those in foster care. These valuable skills and lessons will carry these kids through life, so turn your hobby or passion into a way to help others.

New Placements

Join in on the anticipation and joy of a new foster placement by offering welcome gifts or dinner boxes. The truth is that it can be overwhelming for a child coming into a new foster home, but offering your support is an excellent way to welcome them.

Family Support

Remember that supporting the entire family is just as important as focusing on the foster parents and kids, especially for blended families. You should consider providing an opportunity for everyone to bond. This could be in the form of a dinner outing or other exciting experience that fuses fun with food and family.


Every parent needs time to rejuvenate and refresh. Helping with childcare occasionally is an excellent way to keep a family strong. You could offer your childcare services one night per month or simply provide the family with gift cards for movies or dinner.

Emotional Support

Everyone needs a friend, and there’s nothing more exciting than making a new one. Connecting with a local foster family via notes, texts, and phone calls is the best way to let them know you’re there to cheer them on and provide support. In fact, it’s common for needs to go unmet because some people don’t like to admit when they need support. Rather than wait for red flags to arise, showing a family that you are there for them will provide a boost of encouragement and show them they are not alone.

Tutor Or Mentor

Between moving homes and schools, some foster children begin to struggle academically or even fall behind. If you’re looking for an enriching way to make a difference, consider offering to meet with a student to provide tutoring on specific subjects.

Moreover, you may have the expertise and insight that’s vital for the young in their formative years. When these kids have someone in their lives who they know is safe and ready to listen, it can transform their lives. Though this may seem like an odd way to offer support, it’s very rewarding for both you and the child.

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