Birthdays are just some of the milestones that many of us love to celebrate. Of course, that might just depend on what the next up and coming age is. Whether your other half or older sibling is dreading seeing in another decade or not, there is a good chance they will still want to commemorate the moment; after all, we only get to be each age once!

Birthdays have been strange the past year or so, with some unfortunate celebrators having to tolerate not one but two lockdown birthdays, and now there is finally some COVID-free light at the end of the tunnel, we can start looking at making a birthday blowout bigger than ever.

This piece will offer you some ideas on what you can give to those who are celebrating a milestone birthday!

Custom Art

Ideally for a milestone birthday you will want to give a gift that is special and unique. Custom art can offer the best of both worlds in this situation! You could either go for a gift based around a hobby, TV show, or animal they love, or why not get a customized portrait of a picture they love? Anything that shows you have put some thought into it will sure to be a hit.


Sometimes it is truly special to have little mementos to look back on when we hit a milestone birthday, and now in a world that caters everyone’s tastes and preferences, you will find a fantastic variety of age mementos that your recipient can treasure. Plus, you are never too old for one either! Browse here for 50th birthday gifts to find a gift that reminds someone every day for a year that they have turned 50—it is just what they want. We are sure of it.

A House Gadget

A tell-tale sign of aging is not just creaky knees, it is also the seemingly overnight fascination with household gadgets. Do you remember being this excited about a hoover before? No. Are you concerned about how happy you are that you have used a steam cleaner for the first time and are so impressed you have written a Facebook status about it? Yes.

Get your aging loved one a gift you know they will love, or have secretly been looking at for a while. Disclaimer—this is not an appropriate gift for a loved one unless they have asked for it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

A Luxury Treat

If your loved one has their eye on a pair of Gucci shoes or a bag that costs the same as your month’s rent, first think about if you can afford them, and then go forth and make their day. If you cannot afford to get them a gift that they truly want, then why not contribute to it? They will most likely not need any more encouragement to go and treat themselves, and you could remind them they are not getting any younger for good measure.

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