Reading is one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can have. With the help of a good book, you can travel to many places both in and out of this world, experience things that you would never encounter in your own life, and meet amazing characters that stick with you throughout your life. If you are a keen reader, there are certain accessories that you can add to your reading routine to help make the experience even more engaging and enjoyable. Here are four essential accessories for a voracious reader.

1. Reading Light

It is all too easy when you get stuck into a good book to become unaware of the hours slipping by, until before you know it the sun is setting and you are reading in the half-light. However, straining your eyes to read the words on the page can damage them, leading to eyestrain and migraines. A reading light will allow you to comfortably read well into the early hours without damaging your eyes and come in different types to suit your preferences. For example, a clip-on reading light is ideal for attaching to your e-book reader, and one that allows you to adjust the brightness is perfect for bedtime reading.

2. Reading Glasses

You might find, particularly as you get older, that you find it increasingly difficult to focus on the words close up, the result being that you have to hold the book further away from your face in order to read clearly. If this is the case, visit your optician who will assess you for long-sightedness and might recommend you to invest in a pair of reading glasses. These will help to focus your eyes and help to preserve your eyes from any further damage when doing close reading. Visit to check out the different types of reading glasses you could opt for.

3. Bookmark

You’ve probably been there: you’ve just reached an exciting part of your book when your attention is demanded elsewhere and there’s nothing you can do but put your book aside for later. A bookmark is essential for enabling you to quickly find your place when you are able to resume reading again. If previously you have used any old bit of paper as a bookmark – a train ticket, perhaps, or the receipt for the book – why not make your reading ritual extra special by purchasing a beautiful bookmark to keep your place? Bookmarks are available in a number of designs, so you are sure to find one that resonates with you.

4. Reading Journal

A reading journal is a great way to keep track of all the books that you read and are a lovely memento of all the books that you have enjoyed – and perhaps not enjoyed.

You can record how long it took you to finish it, along with any thoughts, as well as compiling a to-read list of all the books you would like to tackle in the future.

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