With this year coming to an end, and another year of happiness and possibilities is right around the corner, we have to bid adieu to this one with utmost joy and completeness. While there are varied ways to do that and without a doubt, they are all fun and exhilarating, one name at the top of the fun list happens to be food. The forever ruler in the kingdom of love and joy and the number one thought that pops in your mind as soon as you step out of your huddle. And when it comes to food, Hyderabad certainly knows what it is up to, the spices, the flavours, the aroma they have it on their fingertips and know just the right dish to make it a full-fledged celebration. Let’s quickly brush up on some exciting super yummy food items you can find in Hyderabad, so you don’t feel left out.

A Cake

While like any other place on the earth, ordering cake delivery in Mumbai on a memorable day is a ritual, and when the varieties are overflowing, you can never resist. Order a scrumptious red velvet or a classic coffee, plain vanilla or a hint of exotic butterscotch one. The option is endless; the choice is yours.

Delicious Biryani

This pointer could have had no other place in the list of classic food items to have in a party, and there is no doubt about that. Who can say, if biryani is famous for Hyderabad or vice versa? All we know is that it is merely the most delicious item you will ever have. Chicken and mutton being two primary ingredients there, you can always opt for it.

Mutton Samosa

Hyderabad is very famous for its non-vegetarian dishes, and hence you will find a gist of it in almost all dishes. Therefore presenting to you mutton samosa, the first of its kind and exactly how it sounds. The mutton filled fried samosa is a lip-smacking dish and is a must-try for those in Hyderabad

Hyderabadi Marag

Well, the name speaks for itself. This dish is indeed a speciality of Hyderabad. The crisp chemistry between the soup and the addition of meat into it is what makes this dish so extra. For those who like their soup but not plain, this is the sole dish that will curb those cravings. Cooked in essential spices and with flavour and texture that your senses can’t forget, this dish will win your heart.


Here comes another delicious deity in the list of food items, the kebabs. Famously chicken and mutton these dishes are simply exotic and forever favourites. Cooked on coal and giving the flavour of the tandoor, these dishes can be found in every nook and corner of the city, loved by not just the locals but even those who visit the place to know the culture and heritage. It’s all about the kebabs.

Dum Pukht

Probably the sole name in the list that creates doubt and makes you ponder! Worry not, it is yet another mouth savouring dish you don’t want to miss out on, it is dum Pukht. The dish is either a vegetable or non-vegetarian one, but the speciality remains to be its slow cooking regime. It is cooked on low flame for a long time which gives it enormous time to take all flavours in and gives us more time to gulp those flavours of heaven.

Knowing all these dishes and their aroma and flavours already tingling your taste buds, it sure looks like a challenging task to control and be patient. But who says you have to be, dive in these fantastic options and have a blast with loved ones to mark the special occasion and have a bash with your loved ones.

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