Investment is essential for financial security and building corpus for unforeseen circumstances. There are various types of plans available where you can put your money. You will find that some schemes offer insurance coverage while others provide significant returns and cover for the insured’s life. Each has its benefits, but you can go for money back plans, which offers advantages of both the services. In other words, you can enjoy the advantages of returns at periodic intervals and also an insurance cover.

These plans will also financially protect your family if something untoward happens to you or diagnosed with a critical illness. Simultaneously, the regular returns will look after your financial liabilities. Money back plans are quite  in demand and for good reasons. We have rounded up four key benefits below for your better understanding. Let us look into them without any delay.

1. Exposure To Low Risks

Investment does not only have to be about stocks and mutual funds, which involves higher risks due to the unstable market. You can go for money back plans that are a risk-averse option. These schemes will benefit you because they are a combination of insurance and return policies and do not bring along the high-risk factor. So, if you are someone who wants to stay from risks, then this is the right option for you.

2. Regular Income

It is quite evident from the name that it will provide you with payouts during the policy term. This amount in financial parlance is known as survival benefits. In money back plans, it is a percentage of the sum assured during the commencement of the policy. This sum is paid periodically till the policy matures. You can utilize the amount for various needs without waiting for the term completion. However, this amount will only be paid till you are alive.

3. Insurance Coverage

The best part of money back plans is that it will cover your loved ones financially during the circumstances of your untimely death. Thus, your family does not have to take the burden of your liabilities after your demise. The nominee you selected will receive the entire assured sum, irrespective of the payment of survival benefits.

4. Assured Returns

When you invest a certain amount in a money back policy, you can rest assured that you will receive significant returns on your funds. Thus, it eliminates the burden of losing money off your shoulders. It is advantageous because you can grow your corpus along with securing your life with the same.


These are the reasons responsible for the rising popularity of such plans. We hope the benefits mentioned above are sufficient to make you realize that investing in money back plans is not a wrong choice, after all. These are risk-free and offer the benefits of both life insurance and scheme, providing significant returns. It will not only cover your life but also secure the future of your family and loved ones if something untoward is to happen.

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