We’re now living in a world of automation, where almost anything can be automated, even in our homes. With automation in our homes, there can be no limitations to functionality; you need to know what you need automated and what you can do without it. Generally, anything that is operated with electricity can be integrated with this feature for your convenience.

When upgrading to the best home automation system, there can be many drilling and breaking parts of the wall for installation, so the best time to do this exercise is during the renovation and building process. Once you have decided on which systems you want automated, you can then look into the system to achieve what you desire. Your home security is probably at the top of your list, and here are five effective ways to automate your safety at home.

Automatic Lights

There are various ways to automate your home light in different parts of it. When someone enters a room, you can have sensors to illuminate the room lights, especially in places around the house when the switch is inconveniently installed, like staircases and hallways. Light automation systems are so advanced you can set different brightness settings for other times of the evening. You can set your lights to turn on from 5 pm, from 10 pm they can gradually dim to 30 percent brightness, slowly preparing you and your family for a good night’s sleep.

Automatic Door Locks

Imagine a system connected to your smartphone device, allowing you to control the door lock without even touching your mobile. Advanced automatic door sensors detect your mobile phone at a preset distance and either unlock the door or garage door. Once your door or garage is opened, various systems may be linked and activated simultaneously, such as heating music and lights. Such systems can be programmed for the rest of the family and configure everyone’s personal settings accordingly.

Smart Security Cameras

Gone are the days of recording security footage on cassettes and only see the recording later when you get to an empty, robbed home. With advanced technology and innovation today, intelligent security cameras are fitted with motion sensors that notify you with live footage on your smartphone, allowing you to assess the activity in real-time. That way, you can either decide the threat level and whether it’s necessary to call security.

Automatic Blinds

Imagine the convenience of not having to get up and down, to open or close your blinds; automated blind systems detect the brightness and temperature in the room and your blinds to optimize the space to your preferred settings. On a cold but sunny winter day, your blinds can open up to absorb the sun’s heat, whereas they can automatically close to cool the room on a hot sunny day.

Automatic Heating & Cooling

The temperature of many homes is controlled with an air conditioning system. This system can be set to an automatic operation with specific instructions like cooling and heating when temperatures rise or drop outside the preferred setting. The system can also detect if anyone is in the room, and when there’s no one, their condition system automatically switches off to save power.

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