Firewood is the fuel that powers a bonfire. Some people choose to use wood from their own property, especially if they live in an area that has specific regulations about burning wood. Other people buy cheap firewood at the supermarket, but there are two things that stop most people in their tracks when they see the cost of firewood. They are usually concerned about the cost and whether it’s any good quality or not.

The first thing that makes firewood different from other fuels is that it is easy to start. It takes just a spark and some hardy embers for a fire to start. But then there is the question of quality that tends to worry people as well. So, how are some kinds of fire wood better than the others? Yes, if you already know which type you prefer you will not have to worry about the quality.

However, keep in mind, some varieties of wood are best used in conjunction with another type of wood. You can ask dkbræ who has a variety of firewood. For example, seasoned hardwood is very useful when it is used in a bonfire. Seasoned hardwood is also better for starting a bonfire. Also, seasoned wood makes a great start to a bonfire – but then it would be best to use seasoned wood in a chimney or other type of open fire.

Oak is the main wood used for a campfire, as it is the easiest to find, cheapest and easiest to ignite. Oak logs are also easier to split into smaller pieces than pine or cedar. You may however find that the cheaper, pine trees produce bigger chunks and that the more expensive, oak trees produce smaller chunks. Firewood purchased in large quantities can be burned in a campfire to save money and the larger chunks produced by the more expensive oaks are best saved for making firewood for bonfires.

Cedar logs are softer than most other types of wood, though not soft enough to split. It is also the hardest, so if using it in a bonfire, you will want to split the cedar wood into small pieces before putting them in the fire. Even so, you will likely be able to burn the softwood quite easily.

Hickory is a good choice for a fire pit – it is easy to find, relatively inexpensive and has a pleasant smell. It burns slow and produces a nice, deep smoke. As with most woods, there is some smoke emitted by the fire when hickory burns, but this is hardly noticeable. Many people use hickory in their fire pits.

Birch and spruce are two more well-known woods for a fire. These are also available in a variety of colors. Birch is a lighter colored wood than most other kinds of wood, which makes it ideal for a fire without giving off much smoke. Spruce is also a light-colored wood that produces a nice flame when it is burning. Both of these kinds of wood are great choices for a fire as they produce little smoke. They are the most affordable kind of firewood, although both of these are good choices.

One thing you may want to consider is purchasing a hardwood. A lot of people choose softwoods because they tend to be easier on the lungs and do not burn very long time. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are better choices if you are trying to get a real fire going fast. The kind of wood that burns slowly produces a longer lasting flame and is better for outdoor uses.

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