Whether you live in private accommodations, a shared house, or a student dormitory hall, there are ways of sticking to a tight budget for the academic year. For both existing students and prospective ones, here’s some advice on saving on student housing in rotterdam, or wherever you may be looking to live.

Shared Accommodations

There are a number of advantages to being a student, such as certain venues providing student-only discounts. You’ll find that bars and clubs, for example, host student nights, with student drinks being half the price they’re offered at on other days of the week. Other advantages of being a student can be realized by living in shared accommodations. One advantage is that you can divide the cost of pre-drinks with your housemates. Similarly, if you go out together you can divide the money for public transportation such as Uber, which would otherwise be costly when paying by yourself. Food, utilities, and other expenses are likely to be split evenly when you share accommodations with others. Make sure the costs are divided equally, as you don’t want to lose money or inadvertently rip off your housemates. If you think you could find the right balance with these things, then it can be an easy way to find affordable student accommodation in Bristol (or wherever else you’re studying). It is quite common for large houses like these to end up being nicer than the amount you’d end up paying a week and by sharing it with friends you’ve got more space to be comfortable in rather than a single bedroom to yourself.

Non-Catered Halls

Similar to above, there are ways of saving money by staying with a group of flatmates if you decide to stay in student halls that aren’t catered for. You can make bigger meals and put them in the freezer when it isn’t feasible to cook. This will help you avoid eating out, which usually costs more and can burn a hole in your pocket if you do it on a regular basis. When you pay your next visit to the supermarket, you could consider buying their brand items, as they’re typically cheaper and taste just fine. You can save even more money by buying in bulk.

Privately-Run Halls

Students generally assume that living in student halls is their most cost-effective option compared to privately rented accommodation. The reverse is true, however. Private accommodation is generally cheaper as it’s located somewhere between the town and the university, reducing the cost of transportation. Private accommodation provides several facilities, such as a cinema room, a gym, and a games room, resulting in reduced recreational expenses. While the cost of living in a private hall might seem high, you should also consider that accommodation costs include insurance, WiFi, utility bills, and more.

Making Your Decision

This can be a difficult decision, so you should see advice from multiple sources. A great place to start is with friends and family who have been through the university experience before.

Many universities will invite you to accommodation days prior to the term starting, giving you an opportunity to meet other students and browse the locally available properties to rent.

If you have questions regarding private accommodation or halls, you shouldn’t be afraid to contact the staff at the university. You should also seek advice from a company such as ASN Capital Student Living, who can use their experience to guide you.

Finally, you’ll want to start preparing financially as soon as possible. Most universities will want a deposit or rent payment upfront during the application stage.

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