Brain fog is a condition that worsens over time when not treated. But how much do you know about brain fog and its treatment methods?

A “brain fog” is a term that medical professionals use, referring to a person who is unfocused or incapable of having a clear mind. The person suffering the brain fog is often forgetful, distracted, preoccupied, and less awareness of the environment. Lifestyle, insomnia, and unhealthy diets are another aspect of it.

A brain frog isn’t likely to compare with drowsiness. The patient may be awake but has a spaced-out feeling and a dull level of awareness that may influence consciousness, behavior, and perceptions. Medical studies suggest that the clouding of consciousness takes place when the brain’s part that controls the overall level of consciousness is disrupted.

In modern society, we could say that the majority of people might have been experiencing brain fog. However, when not treated seriously, it develops into a mental disorder such as anxiety and excessive stress [one of the causes of suicidal thoughts].

In this article, we commit to guiding you through a healthy lifestyle to overcome brain fog. We hope you will find this helpful.

1. Healthy Sleeping Habit

Recent research reveals that the brain is so foggy if there’s insufficient sleep. Sleep deficiency disturbs the capacity of our brain cells to interact between them, leading to momentary mental defects that affect awareness and perception.

Getting enough sleep is good for the brain. It improves concentration and productivity as well as boosts immunity function. Poor sleepers have a greater chance of experiencing dull memories that affect emotions and social interactions. And being forgetful is a sign of not getting enough sleep.

As many health experts recommend, healthy sleeping habit is the best natural cure to sickness.

2. The Importance Of Pausing The Moment

A Brain frog often manifests when you are feeling burned out. Heavy workloads, catching up deadlines, stressful situations, worries, overthinking, all of these can trigger brain frogs. Overall, anxiety takes over your sense of awareness and blocks your brain’s ability to think clearly.

Take a pause, set aside your work-related activities once in a while. Have enough time for yourself to do what you enjoy. Taking a break replenishes the brain and improves memory.

We recommend that you:

  1. Relax and enjoy – Listen to soft music as it increases your focus and memory cognitive functions.
  2. Protect your peace and let go of what drains you. Be in your comfort zone and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies with TV ariel. This habit diverts your attention from deadlines, quotas, etc.
  3. Reading a book also proves to improve memory and mental health as well as to lower anxiety levels. Reading also helps prevent age-related cognitive decline and alleviates depression symptoms.
  4. Get a short nap in between break time, and do nothing to refresh your mind.

3. Self-Reflection

Recognize what makes you happy. Seek out opportunities and do things that are not related to work. Prepare meals if you love cooking, do the gardening, singing, dancing, playing with pets, DIY projects, and get loose. Do everything that refreshes your mind and leaves heavy loads behind. It helps recover and lighten up heavy thoughts.

4. Pay Attention To Your Overall Health

Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health is the key to burnout recovery.

Have some time to perform physical exercise and physical conditioning. Do some meditation and yoga sessions to prepare your mental aspect, and become active in socializing with other people.

5. Nourish Yourself With Food For The Brain

Your diet is also a factor that can trigger the development of brain fog. Watch what you eat, as the famous Hippocrates quote: “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food.”

Insufficient nutrient consumption can deter your focus ability.

There is counter-efficient food sold widely in the mass market that can harm your memory. We suggest at least eat in moderation if not avoidable.

Here Is The Shortlist Of Ways To Get Nourish With Food For The Brain:

Healthy Fats Intake

Healthy fatty food intake can nourish the brain system, which can be obtained from nuts, avocados, cocoa, olive oil, eggs, salmon, and lean meat. Eating this kind of food reverses the symptoms of brain fogging and stops development.

Veggies & Celeries For A Healthy Mind

Celeries and veggies have a natural anti-inflammatory flavone called luteolin that acts as an antioxidant that modulates the immune system in the body. You can find luteolin in celeries, which means eating such plants prevents brain inflammation.

Sufficient Amount Of Caffeine Intake Per Day

As caffeine is a natural stimulant found in teas, coffees, and dark chocolates, it motivates the nervous system to become less lent and warned. According to research, caffeine can activate mind reaction and overall brain function.

However, experts recommend taking sufficient amounts of caffeine. Too much caffeine intake can be linked to adverse reactions such as nausea, anxiety, and sleep disorders. A maximum of 200 mg (about 1 to 2 cups of regular coffee) per day is enough to boost alertness and mental function.

Foods With Vitamins & Minerals Perfect For Brain Function

Yogurt has a probiotic advantage. It contains good bacteria that maintain a healthy digestive system and regulates the brain cell cycle and performance.

Spinach is high in lutein and antioxidant that protects the brain from free radical damage and inflammation.

Yeast is rich in vitamin-B folate that helps in brain development and an overall improvement in awareness.


Study shows that the suicidal rate increases in the 21st century because society and basic education fail to address the issues of mental health. Fortunately, many activists started a movement to make awareness of keeping a healthy mental state. These are by involving the community in an active lifestyle such as sports, marathon/triathlon, yoga, group gathering, etc.

As for some who are not comfortable with facing many people or with busy schedules, you may start with the best healthy lifestyle we presented.

Stay healthy!

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