No matter how much you work, your body and mind need to rest so that you can be more productive at your workplace. Don’t you feel your mind is getting clogged after working day in day out? Mere resting at your place is not sufficient. Once in a while, you should take a break from your work and head to a vacation spot where you can give relaxation to your mind and body. Vacations are great, as you can enjoy your maximum in your holiday spot. You have no work-related stress and no job responsibilities during your vacation days. As vacation days are full of fun, people take a week off from their work and go to their favourite vacation spots to unwind themselves. Vacation also allows people to bond with their family members. The soothing location, beautiful scenery and eye-catching landscapes are enough to relax you. At some point of time, every person wants to de-stress and would like to spend time with their loved ones. Taking a vacation can strengthen your relationships and give a boost to your energy levels. If you are a lover of nature, then you should include Chikmagalur in your holiday list and visit the wonderful vacation spot right now. Chikmagalur is one of the sought-after hill stations in Karnataka. You will be fortunate to make your stay amidst lush greenery and gushing waterfalls. The eye-pleasing holiday destination is a must visit for every tourist lover. Chikmagalur is reckoned as one of the alluring holiday spots which attract a large number of tourists for many reasons. When you are making your getaway in Chikmagalur, then you must stay in a homestay which is widely preferred by countless tourists across the globe. Book Chikmagalur homestay from the best online travel agency which has a superior level of homestays to offer its tourists.

Why Do People Visit Chikmagalur?

Do you love to sip warm coffee? If yes, then the famous hill station will give you the authentic taste of coffee. The prominent hill station is widely popular for coffee plantations. It has been believed that coffee was first produced in Chikmagalur. People believe that coffee seeds are cultivated in Chikmagalur for the first time. You will find several coffee plantations in the enchanting hill station. Do you like to play under waterfalls? If yes, then the stunning hill station offers the pleasure of waterfalls if you visit the hill station in monsoon season. Make sure to visit Kathatti waterfalls where you can enjoy playing with waters with your dear ones. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see water falling off from 400 feet above. For most part of the year, the hill station provides wonderful weather. Owing to pleasant weather, tourists come to the hill station to enjoy their vacation days. The picturesque backdrops make the hill station an unbeatable holiday destination for all travel lovers. If you have come to Chikmagalur with your family, then you should take your kids to their famous Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary where your kids will enjoy the diverse flora and fauna. Get a chance to see wild boars, tigers, leopards and many animals in the wildlife sanctuary. Your kids will be thrilled and amazed to see various types of animals in the wildlife sanctuary. You can also have an adventurous getaway while visiting the wildlife sanctuary. Do you like to see Karnataka from the highest peak? Drive to Mullayanagiri which is the highest peak in Chikmagalur. You can revel in the bewitching views of the most enchanting hill station from the peak of the hill station. People who are fond of trekking can seek delight in the trekking at Mullayanagiri. If you like to do river rafting, then the river Bhadra will fulfill your dreams of river rafting. It will be fun to do river rafting in the gushing rivers. For golf enthusiasts, Chikmagalur is an apt tourist spot, as the golf lovers can play golf at the golf club based in Chikmagalur. For many golf lovers, Chikmagalur turns out to be an excellent golfing holiday destination. Do not miss the mouth-watering delicacies served in the food joints and restaurants of the Chikmagalur.

Homestay Benefits

Do you like to have a unique vacation? Make your holiday vacation more enthralling by staying in a homestay which allows you to live with locals, share their lifestyle and eat the means cooked by the locals. Experience a local flavour of a place by staying in a homestay. You can be certain to get an unique experience in a homestay which you can never get in a plush hotel. If you are a solo traveller, then a homestay can provide you an enriched experience. The cost of a homestay will not load your wallet. What better way to stay with a hospitable family who will take care of you throughout your stay. One of the prime benefits of the homestay is that you can relish in the healthy food. The home-cooked meals are reckoned as the best for your health. In hotels, you get spicy and oily foods. In the homestay, you will get healthy and customized meals which will be good for your health. While staying in the homestay, you will get the feel of your home. A home-like ambience is created in the homestay which makes the holiday stay for the tourists special and more enjoyable.

Amenities Provided In The Homestay In Chikmagalur

Booking Chikmagalur Homestay from the esteemed online travel agency will help you give ample amenities in the homestay. The amenities you can enjoy are dining room, outdoor activities, smoking zone, bonfire, luggage assistance, first-aid service, laundry service, free parking, fire extinguishers, security, seating area, bathroom, living room, ironing service, electrical chargers, telephone, electrical sockets, fireplace, electrical adapters, verandah, kitchenette, torch, umbrellas, masks, hand sanitizers, caretaker, multilingual staff, lawn, TV, luggage storage and the list goes on.

The bookings of your desired homestay can be done online from the online travel site directly. As you click on the website, you will come across a list of homestays in Chikmagalur. Choose your choice of homestay as per your budget and preferences.

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