Aiming for the IMO class 10 exam is not at all easy. With competition all around and also 10th board exam the same year it is important to prepare for it strategically and 

at the same time, it should also be made sure that all other subjects should be also given the due attention. The board examination is important as it will be a deciding factor as to which stream will the student be able to pursue. Hence at the end of the day, there should be the right dedication and enough enthusiasm to sustain the challenges that come with the IMO Exam.

The other thing to take care of in the IMO exam is making sure that the student is actually drawn towards Maths. As without feeling confident and enthusiastic about the subject, expecting the student to clear the exam will only make things more troublesome. It is also better to start the preparation for the exam on time. As there are levels and difficulty level increases with each it is best to remain focused and confident towards reaching your goals.

If you are thinking of cracking the IMO exam, here are a few suggestions that you can take care of. These things will ensure that your preparation for the exam is on point.

Do: Make Notes 

Notes are extremely important if you are looking to clear an Olympiad exam. This is so because making notes helps to retain the knowledge the most. Once you write what you are learning, it will never become forgettable. Also, notes save a lot of time. Whether it is revising, practising or visiting any important topic again, notes are the most effective way to make your preparation the best. Notes are also of various kinds. Depending on how you revise things is important. If you feel comfortable in having quick revisions it is best to go for short notes or one-liner notes. 

If you prefer detailed study or revisions, try to go for notes that are written in paragraphs or points.

Do: Check The Previous Papers 

The most important step in the preparations has to be the previous year papers. This is so because without understanding the exam it will be impossible to score well in it. A Lot of things get cleared about the exam whether it is frequently asked important questions, questions based on conceptual clarity and also about the number of direct questions as well as indirect questions. With a known pattern, it is much easier to work accordingly and achieve goals. IMO Class 10 2011 Question Paper can help you to give guide guidance on what exactly the exam expects from its aspirants and how one can get success at it

Do: Set Daily Goals

Checking daily progress is a big help. This is so because meeting Daily goals ensures that quality preparations are done. Studying daily can also help the students to become pro at the subject. Since the exam is divided into four sections, it is best to dedicate some time to each section every day. This way no section will be left for the end and complete preparation time can be invested equally. Also, it also crucial to set daily targets that are achievable to avoid putting oneself into any undue stress 

Don’t: Go For Last-Minute Study

The last-minute study can ruin a lot of things. This is because with a shortage of time it will be impossible to grasp the concepts. Already the syllabus of the exam is enough to keep you booked and so at this time leaving everything for afterwards will only create havoc. Proper time should be given for everything whether it is concepts building, doubt clarity or revisions sessions, nothing can be done at the end. Also if you study only for some time every day it will prove to be the best and most effective way to study everything in less time. Also even for revisions, it is advisable to not revise just before the exam starts as only one small doubt can make you nervous and run the whole of your hard work.

Don’t: Study Too Many Books

Studying too many books can only create confusion. This is why it is important to refrain from indulging in many books. Try to only keep the books that have good explanations and there are also a number of questions available in them. This way you would also not need to buy other books for making a question bank for yourself. Try to keep yourself focussed and study only what really matters. Searching, understanding and solving other reference books is not only too time-consuming but can also become a huge burden. Since it is also board exam time, pick up NCERT or other books referred by your state board.

Don’t: Get Stuck On A Particular Topic 

It is not possible for the olympiad students to waste time on any particular topic or question. Syllabus and competition are huge and so this is why it is essential to keep your preparations going uninterrupted. If you have any topic or question that you have doubts about try to make a list of all those topics separately. You can take time to get them clarified one by one. Make sure you are sparing separate time for these topics. Also, don’t try to get them clarified all at the same time, this is because you will end up spoiling a lot of yours. So make sure you follow this tip and make your preparation highly effective.


To conclude, cracking the IMO exam can be a good step for your future so try to follow the above-listed dos and don’ts. This will help you to ace the preparation. The other thing that you should always keep in mind is keeping your health and mental health in balance. Eating right, hydration, fruits and soups can help you with it. Also, try to follow your passion or hobbies to freshen your mind the best way.

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