Due to the fact that now all over the world there are high statistics on the incidence of Covid-19, in many countries a full lockdown is periodically introduced and people do not have the opportunity to attend public events, shopping centres and even their own enterprises. The experience of the past two years shows that this will not end soon, because so far no measures have helped to completely get rid of the new infection.

As a result, we have to state the fact that working from home will be relevant at least in the next few years, despite all its inconveniences. We would like to believe that this situation will not last forever because many people find it very difficult to work outside the office.

Why Is It Inconvenient To Work At Home?

Despite the fact that many people are now talking about the unconditional convenience of working from home (especially bloggers on Instagram, who gained a large audience during the pandemic even without the need to buy Instagram followers), for most this is a big problem. For example, this is a huge challenge for those with small children. When adults try to work at a computer, children do not understand why they are not given much attention. This leads to conflicts and scattered attention of the employee.

Teachers of schools and universities suffer the most in this situation because they are forced to conduct classes online and constantly have a camera on. As a rule, classes are disrupted because of small children who are in the same apartment with the teacher or because of pets who also want to get the attention of the owner. This can only be good for you if you start an Instagram account and show your pets there. If so, you will be successful without using the buy real Instagram followers service. People will be interested in watching you anyway.

In addition, students are now increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with distance learning, because this format does not allow them to fully immerse themselves in the learning process. It is especially inconvenient to study foreign languages online because this specialty requires live communication and practising phonetically correct speech. Videoconferencing classes cannot provide perfect sound transmission, which undoubtedly disrupts the educational process.

Also, people often say that they cannot concentrate on work when they are at home. If a person got out of bed at 6 in the morning, spent time on breakfast and on the road, and arrived at the office at 8, then he has already cheered up enough and is ready to work productively. In the case of working from home, people tend to wake up a few minutes before the start of the working day and spend the whole day in their pyjamas. This, as well as the constant desire to be distracted by TV, cooking and sleeping, has a very negative effect on work productivity.


Unfortunately, given all the disadvantages of working from home, we should come to terms with this format for a while. However, we will hope that soon the world will return to its former life and we will be able to live freely.

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