So you’re heading out on a grand adventure for the day. Lucky you!

You’re stoked to check out the sites in a new area, but you have no idea what to bring with you …

Of course, there are the essentials, such as some snacks and water. But what about other necessities?

If you’re having a hard time deciding which items to take with you, our advice will help.

Check out these day trip essentials that will make your 12-hour adventure totally worthwhile.

1. Weather-Appropriate Gear

Even if you checked the weather forecast a few days ago, take another glance. It’s a good idea to check the forecast one more time the night before your day trip.

Often enough, the weather changes, so make sure you’re prepared for that. Based on what the forecast shows, you may need to bring an extra sweater or rain jacket.

If you’re taking your car, throw another pair of shoes in your trunk. You may be wearing a new pair of running shoes, and if it rains, you don’t want to ruin them.

Keep in mind that the forecast could be wrong that day. Wearing clothes you can easily layer will solve that issue. Come rain or shine, you’ll be ready!

2. Backup Battery Charger

Depending on where you’re going, you may need to recharge your cell phone.

If you’re going to a crowded city and want to cram in as much site-seeing as possible, prepare ahead of time.

You may not have time to stop by a cafe to recharge your phone. If you won’t be near an outlet, bring a backup battery just in case.

There are all sorts of portable battery power banks. Having this powerful piece of technology will make recharging your phone a piece of cake.

Then, even if your battery juice is running low, you won’t miss out on any Instagram-worthy photos. Not to mention, you won’t get lost on the way back home!

(Although, you should always have a car charger with you so you can charge your phone in an emergency.)

3. Camera

Bringing a camera may seem like a no brainer. But what is a day trip without taking tons of fun photos?

If you’re bringing your phone, then that’s likely your camera. You can use your smartphone to document your amazing day.

But alas, something could happen to your phone. That would be a tragedy!

If not being able to take photos is going to bum you out, consider bringing a backup camera. It might be worth it!

4. Travel Day Pack

There are all sorts of travel day packs available, so decide which one will best suit your adventures.

If you’re a hiker, get a backpack with room for a bladder and other hiking essentials. It should have enough space for a lightweight jacket, some emergency gear like a flashlight and whistle, and any of your necessities.

You’ll also need a sturdy backpack if you’ll be walking around a new city for the day. Make sure it has enough room for a computer and other essentials.

It’s up to you to figure out how much stuff you want to bring with you. If you pack extra items, remember that it’s only a day trip. Bring what’s necessary, but not so much that it weighs you down.

5. Sunglasses And Sunscreen

Sun protection is a must for any trip. If you care about your skin, you need to protect it! Throw some SPF in your bag so it’s with you wherever you go.

If you apply it in the morning, remember that you’ll need to reapply it later in the day. You may sweat it off, so it’s essential to put more on as the day progresses.

Also, don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses. Your eyes need protection too!

Both your sunscreen and sunglasses should be in an accessible area in your backpack. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays all day long while you’re having a great time!

6. License And Credit Card(S)

It’s best not to bring all your credit cards and IDs with you on a day trip.

If something gets stolen, you’ll be without all your cards. That would be a big pain to deal with when you return from your trip!

To prevent something like that from happening, only bring your essential cards. This includes your Driver’s License, credit card, and one backup card if you need it.

And bring some cash as well. You could put that in a separate compartment so that not everything is stored together.

7. Towel, Tissue Paper, and Hand Sanitizer

At some point during your day trip, you may want a towel or tissue paper.

Tissue is a must if you want to blow your nose or have to go to the bathroom outside.

If you’re hiking, tissue or toilet paper is incredibly important! Although, don’t forget to bring something to stash in it afterward instead of littering on the trail.

A towel is also nice to have if you want to sit by the beach and take in the sights for a while. But don’t bring it if it’s going to weigh you down. Instead, pack a lightweight, fast-drying micro towel. They’re a lot easier to carry.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about the hand sanitizer! This is a must-have to get rid of germs in a pinch.

In Conclusion

Are you ready to hit the road now? Your amazing day trip is beckoning, and you’re going to have an incredible time.

Don’t forget to pack the essentials. If it rains, you’ll be kicking yourself for not bringing an extra jacket.

And who knows, if a friend is going with you, they might mooch off you. If you decide to be friendly and give them your jacket, having an extra one is always a good idea!

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